Time Out.

I’m taking a timeout from putting my accounting skills to test as I type this. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I have the least intention of sleeping within the next hour. I have to finish my inventory for the upcoming bazaar that I will be joining. But before I lose my senses with figures, help me look back at one neurochiq weekend.

Things I have done for the past 48 hours or so:

Met my GFs for a Friday coffee session -GFs ARE THE BEST CREATURES IN THE WORLD! =D
Cleaned my room
Painted my nails pale pink
Did my inventories for the bazaar
Emailed suppliers, did my things on Blogspot, FB and multiply
Finished a book
Updated I tunes
Clipped my dog’s nails
Chit chat with mom

Visited a pregnant cousin
Attended a friend’s birthday celeb
Visited an organic farm
Edited some photos
Watched 2 movies on DVD
Played with the Sweetie’s dog
still awake and thinking…

Whew, not bad for a weekend. I think I’ve been productive. But hell, I look like an import from Resident Evil. Hehe. I haven’t finished my inventories for the upcoming BAZAAR this weekend [which I’m inviting you all, btw], but I’m feeling dizzy already, and now I know why.

Just sharing some photos before I pass out LOL, good night, ladies.

I'm looking for a nude pink, but it turned out more pale than nude. boo.

Nyx Strawberry from my dear friend, Kavukz, and shimmer palette from mom.

Got some from Shobe's blogsale =) She is so nice, btw =)

Now I know how to use a smudger =P Thanks to Kavukz again.

Swatches, I'll do an FOTD soon, I hope.


  1. @ Nina: Thank you sis, and thanks again for texting me about the shirts, sorry I checked my email too late. Take care, muah*


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