A Dashing Psychopath

...that's Gerard Butler, playing Clyde Shelton, in the action thriller movie Law Abiding Citizen. The movie is about a brilliant family man who took the law in his hands after the brutal killing of his family, and half served justice. Cliche? Not really. He used intelligence over random violence to get what he wanted...and the District Attorney (Jamie Foxx) learned he wanted more than revenge.

I'm keeping myself from telling too much about this film, so as not to spoil it for you. But if you like a dose of thrill and action, then you're in for a BIG TREAT.

The Sweets and I have been waiting for the release, and hit the cinema on its first day. It's totally worth my lack of sleep and money! [I'm still missing the 140 bucks spent on Patient X, duh.]

November is a moviegeek month, 2012 and New Moon are coming too. Watch Law Abiding Citizen, and see the most handsome killer I've ever seen. Teehee. Well, a big fan is entitled to her own thoughts! =P


  1. Movie Geek Month.Ü Hahaa! It's movie season again. I saw the trailer of this film, I won't miss this.

  2. @ Russ: Haha, yep, that's one thing I like during this season...Moviemakers are inspired to show something good! =P Yep, and tell me what you think eh? Muah*

  3. *sigh*
    who could ever forget him when he did 300...
    his bod is to die for

    *clears throat*
    i think he is really a great actor. it's been a while since i get to watch a movie. i think i have to ask bf to watch this with me. im sure he'll enjoy the action scenes & i'll enjoying every moment that i can ogle him

  4. @ Thia: Haha, seems like we have the same desire for Mr. Butler. I told my BF I won't leave him for anyone but Gerard Butler or Jensen Ackles (Dean of Supernatural) LOL.

    My favorite from Gerard is PS I Love You, it left me crying for days!!! =P


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