FOTD/OOTD and ANGELS say hi & goodbye.

Hi ladies, how are you? I just got back from the province, after a beloved cousin passed away from a congenital spleen failure. He's just 8 =*( A part of me is somehow thankful that he is now at peace and will no longer feel pain. He had been receiving blood transfusions almost every 3months since birth! I can't understand how a little boy endured that. But he is now with our Creator, and an angel for sure. Love & Kisses to you Vanni!


On a lighter note, another angel, my goddaughter, Sophie, is now officially a Catholic. =) I'm a bad ninang, because I missed the church ceremony =( I swear, I tried to be on time, but I've been everywhere, from the province to the organic farm (for business), and so I came just in time for reception. Sooo sorry!

Here are some snaps:

Baby Sophie; isn't she the cutest thing?? I have to keep myself from pinching her!

The proud godmothers

And just to share my 15 minute-FOTD while the Sweets drove like he's in Daytona USA, just so we can make it on time.

Products Used:
L'oreal TrueMatch MMU Foundation in Vanilla Nude
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in deep brown (as brow and eye liner)
Nichido Trio Blush (pink) from Kay's blogsale
Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara in brown
CG EyeShadow Ice Queen Collection
All Organics Strawberry Lipbalm
No lipcolor this time

My skin is in bad condition, I have zits on my right cheek and chin. =*(

The light seemed to washout my ES in the picture, though I intentionally applied light makeup, because of my breakouts, and because IT WAS FREAKIN' HOT these days!

Teal Tunic top from BF Ruins (I forgot the name of the shop!)
Strappy White Flats from Marikina (Go Pinoy!)
Vintage Necklace and Earrings from Australia

I'm under a lot of stress lately, from personal matters to work and business. The Global Pinoy Bazaar I'm joining is just 4 days away, and I stay up til' wee hours for the prep. Whew. Hopefully, it'll be successful, or at least, worth the sweat. =P
I'm sending the invites tomorrow, I promise. Bye for now!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. I'm so sorry about your cousin.

    Good luck on your business, I wish you great success! :)

  2. i love your outfit and i especially love love love those white strappy flats you are wearing. =)

  3. awww your outfit suits you, the color just made your skin fairer, your hair is gorgeous too!

  4. your goddaughter is sooo adorable! And it's okay for missing it, she won't remember who actually went when shes older right?! LOL I'm horrible too! hopefully things for you will die down soon, have fun at the Global Pinoy Bazaar!

  5. @ Nina: Thanks sis! BTW, I love the "Ondoy" inspired shirts, thank you sooo much for adding me in the pool of orders. Muah*

    @ Charry: Thanks Charry, teal was my favorite color when I was a little girl, but I call it bluegreen back then. =)

    @ Mel: Thank you, the flats are very comfy, affordable & pro-pinoy pa =)

    @ Nikki: Wow, you made me red with your comments, thank you *blushing* And don't tell, but secret to my hair is: Organic VCO. I swear, it's better than any masks I've tried before. Secret ha? =P

    @ Julie aka PC: Haha, you're funny dear, but you have a point, she won't remember! LOL.

  6. Babe,
    so sry to hear bout ur cousin..

    and pls pls pinch baby sophie on my behalf!! owh, hv i ever mention to u tat u look good in teal?

  7. oh baby sophie is so cutie! love the outfit girl!


  8. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about your cousin :( But like you said, he's not longer in pain and is now in a better place <3

    Your goddaughter is just the most adorable thing ever, so cute! :) And try to take it easy and don't over do it. Stress isn't good for the body and we dont' want you to get sick * hugs *

  9. @ Kavukz: Thanks, babe. Remember I also wore a green shade dress in KK? I love how it radiates my skin tone =)

    @ Toothfairy: Thank you! I miss your posts, been busy but I promise to catch up! Muah*

    @ Dana: Yeah, stress is really bad, i'm breaking out!!!! =( Thanks lovely, missed you!

  10. we look too cute on our dresses! wish we could go out on a brunch together and have our sunday dresses on. =P


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