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No matter how much I hate the extreme heat, dirty politics, and getting stuck for four hours of heavy traffic, I still love the Philippines. Thus, I show my support in every way possible. I travel locally, I vote diligently, I pay my taxes, I obey traffic rules and I'm strict on my Go Green advocacy. And yep, I buy PINOY.

That's why I feel elated that young Filipino talents, especially in the beauty and fashion industry, are emerging everywhere. I'd like to think that I'm also a budding Pinay entrepreneur, pulling some strings for my beloved homeland. And so what better (and delightful!) way to show support to my fellow Pinays? SHOP! It's one of the things I'm really good at!

SEWN Sandals with colorful abacca strings

Is this genius or what?

SEWN Sandals with banig
Watch my back.

I visited the Four Seasons Bazaar in Bellevue, Alabang, and I met this very nice lady, Ms. Mariel Veluz, the owner and designer of SEWN SANDALS. I asked her if the sandals were locally made, since I like buying Filipino stuff, and she proudly presented these lovely pairs. Both were made from known local materials, ABACCA and BANIG, and especially designed for the recent Global Pinoy Bazaar, thus, very limited. I can't afford not to have one, or two. =)

Pretty on the rack, prettier when worn.

Excuse me, I'm not blessed with pretty feet.
TFS Hot Pink polish courtesy of my lovely friend, Kay. Thank you darl!

SEWN has so many pretty and unique designs to choose from, and the prices won't leave you broke. I got both for only Php 1,000. The Sweetie even liked it so much that he asked me to wear the Banig sandals that same day going to the mall. It's comfy, unique, very classy, affordable and 100% Pinoy. I'm truly a convert.
If there were more Pinoy talents like her, then we can save the Philippines, ONE SHOE AT A TIME!

Find them at:
Sewn Sandals Store
BF Parañaque Night Market (aka Ruins)

Still On leave but with much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Sewn Sandals store, here I come! lol

    Dang darling, i like the one with colorful abaca strings!

  2. Cute sandals! I especially like the one with multi-color strings :}

  3. I love them! Simple but pretty, and yes, very Pinoy :)

    PS: Thanks for your comment in my "sad" post :)

  4. thanks for informing us about sewn sandals!
    the one with colorful abacca strings looks soo pretty :) i want one too!!

  5. Another shop I'll have to check out!

  6. I have Sewn sandals and I love 'em! :) You've got good finds here, BFF :)

  7. @ Krissy: Yes, proudly Pinoy! Hope you are feeling better dear =)

    @ Tammy: Thanks hun, yep, the multicolored string sandals is really a catch =)

    @ Cha: You can check them out online dear, really worth it =)

    @ Kavukz: I'm sooo excited to tour you around Manila babe! We have to go to the beach (not Bora though), party and shop okay? =)

    @ Nina: Yep yep, Go Pinoy! =)

    @ Teeyah: Yeah, super nice no? Thanks BFF, see you & dance with you Saturday! Muah*

  8. what a great use of native materials.. very stylish indeed!

  9. Oh yay, you're back! :-) I loooooove the colorful sandals. I want! :-)

  10. I love the first one!. It's very pretty!

  11. Is Abaca himulmol-proof?Ö
    It's pretty and I like it, but it's not for small people like me because it isn't flattering. It makes me look smaller because it hides the calves.

  12. the one with abaca strings? look really cute!

  13. @ Sush: Thank you Maui, I'm sure it will look cuter on you =)

    @ Liza: Still not 100% back L, I only get to open my blogspot for a good minute or two =( I miss reading your posts dear! I'll catch up after this pandemonium =P Hugs!

    @ Janelle: Yes, I'm so happy to see that Pinoy designers are taking time to consider using eco-friendly and/or native materials for their products! =)

    @ Russ: I haven't test-run the Abacca hun, will buzz you if it fails the "himulmol" challenge =)

    @ Charry: I actually think the colors and design fits your personality! =D


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