OOTD: Animal Print

My colleague is trying out her new Canon 500, and I am the one nearest to her, so you know what happens next. =)
Animal Print Tunic Blouse - bazaar
Skinny Pants - bazaar
VNC Shoes
UrbanPosh Bag
Flywear Shades
Genevieve Gozum Slim Studded Belt

After the shoot, we headed to a dinner at The Fort, but will share photos separately. Darn, I need to take m diet seriously. I hope you are having a blast! =)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. rawr!
    i love how wild your get up looks!

    i just took it off my vocabulary because i spent my whole child/teen years doing them but to no avail

  2. Practice means taking a lot of photos!Ü Hahaa! Love your belt dear, it's gorgeous.

  3. very pretty! I like the whole outfit :)

  4. Dang!! That is one HOT photo!!! I love it!!! I could never look good with animal print :(

  5. i like pairing dresses with skinny jeans or leggings. some of my friends think it's out of style but i like it! it looks cool to me :)

  6. @ Thia: LOL with the rawr, Thia! =) The outfit actually made me feel fierce the whole day! =P

    And diet? You look GREAT dear! So let's not stress ourselves =P

    @ Russ: I love stud accents, it's oozing with character when worn the right way no? =) And you're right, she took like 50 photos in a matter of minutes!!!

    @ Charry: Thank you, pretty!

    @ Cha: Thanks, dear. I'm getting the masks you reviewed BTW =D

    @ Nikki: Thanks for the kind words =) You know, I don't look good with florals and dainty prints naman, while you totally look gorgeous in them! =D

    @ Liza: Nice seeing you here, L! And LOL, the Sweetie said the same thing =P

    @ Janelle: Too bad, I think my thighs are too large for leggings, so I just put on skinny jeans. LOL =D And don't listen to your friends, it's what you feel & think that matters, it's great that you have your own style!

  7. Love the look! love how you belted it~

  8. Yay for animal prints! :) I only go for the zebra ones, yun lang bagay saken :D This one is a great find!

  9. didnt u know how obssessss i am wit animal print???haha..

    owh, did u mentioned diet?girl..u look slimmer in those photos ok.not to mention, hot!

  10. Whoah so chic & sophisticated, I like it girl. ^_^


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