OOTD: Red Love

QUICK POST my girls, I barely have minutes to spare nowadays, and I'm missing you! =(

I dropped a few pounds from stress & hardwork I've been through lately, so I guess there's always a positive side to everything.

Red Asymmetric Ruffled Top (bazaar)
Skinny jeans from F & H
Banig Flats from Sewn
Belt from Ruins (BF)
Messy Waves / Failed Curls

I look especially fat & unrealistically short from the camera's angle (from top), I feel like Goliath is looking down on me or something. But as long as my sandals are showing, I'm fine with it. =)


I would have paired a really nice white skirt or some acid washed shorts, but with the errands lined up that day, I needed something more wearable in places like Cartimar --- I swear the top itself gathered enough weird stares. I couldn't care less. ;-)
Misserably Missing Blogspot,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Yay! Looking hot! I love your top. :-)

  2. I love love the blouse girl, look so chic ^_^. I have a one shouldered top too and you are right , got weird stares when I wear it mallin' but I couldn't care less hehe ^_^. As long as I'm not hurtin' anyone ^_^

  3. You went to Cartimar with the red top??? :D Hehe. Even in plain clothes, you get stares :) Lalo na with that.

    Nice seeing/dancing/talking/picturing with you last night. Mwah!

  4. That's probably the only time when stress becomes a little advantageous. Haha. Love the top, by the way :)

  5. love asymmetric tops.. and this one looks fab on u.. miss u sweetie!

  6. your top looks great! I have the same one but from Maldita, purple one! :)

  7. your outfit looks very christmassy :) perfect for the holidays...

    i hang necklaces and other odds and ends on my mirror too! hehe

  8. Very cute outfit girl!

  9. @ Nikki: I actually had a hard time choosing between purple & red! We really have some weird similarities, eh? =)

    @ Stacie: Thank you hun =)

    @ Janelle: You're so keen! =) Yes, I always do that, I even put photos, notes, receipts etc. aside from my scarves & necklaces. Happy holidays! =)

    @ Russ: You're so right Russ, positivity in everything! =) Thank you!

    @ Kaye: Thank you sweets, I miss you too! =D

    @ Em: Yes, it's so chic, perfect for girly days! =) Haha, we couldn't care less! =P

    @ Teeyah: Hahaha, onga, Jeff said I'm "DOM material" LOL!

    I had fun last Sat. with you too, BFF, forgot to give you my gift! Still with me ha. =)

    @ Liza: Thank you, L. Getting compliments from someone as chic as you makes me blush! =D

  10. I love the outfit, especially the top! Very nice!

    Just discovered your blog. :)

  11. @ Charry: Thank you hun! =)

    @ Witoxicity: Nice to see a new blogger on my page, and I'm following yours too! =)

    Thank you, and BTW, you have a cool pseudo name!


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