My drafts are lined up, all waiting to be published. I write with with my mind [as I daydream], I write with my pen and paper [with my trusty notebook] and I write via Blogger. I write for work, though those are legal notes. I write to document my life because I only live once, and my memory won't be as sharp when I'm 60. I also write for the simple pleasure of doing it. Every venue for expression is my thing, be it photography, painting (which I'm dying to revive!), videos - writing.

But my life had been chaotic the past weeks, not really a negative thing for me, as I perform best under pressure, but it made me realize 24 hours a day isn't really enough. I want to do so many things, but the clock won't cooperate to stop ticking! Needless to say, I'm exhausted and my batteries are running low.

And so I'm taking a leave of absence, to let my body breathe and regain its best state. Sleepless nights had taken its toll on my skin, and now my full time job requires me to complete a Legal thing task that is due in 30 days. You know how corporate legal things work? ON TIME OR DEAD. It's almost impossible to do it unless I start working 12 hours a day on Saturdays - and that excludes my errands for home and business. Ah life!

So before my doomsday, hear me say THANK YOU, HELLO & GOODBYE.

To all the people who contributed to the success of my shop - House of Organics - @ the recently concluded Global Pinoy Bazaar held in Rockwell last 14-15 November. I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!
My Sweets - for the 24/7 help
My Girlfriends - for driving all the way to Rockwell to support me (we are South people ;-))
My Business Partners -Jamie, Edilee & Jasmine
And to everyone who dropped by to support & say HI! =)

Bazaar Entrance

My humble booth is a mess, photo taken almost closing time =)
In the photo: Me, Yhel, Karen & Tara

Another THANK YOU!!!

To the lovely, Kay, for sending me these fantabulous prizes from her giveaway. I <3 you sweetie, and I'm meeting you soon, eh? =)

And my most favorite part of the loot is her sweetest note =)


To Singapore, in 2 months, YEY! I promised myself to revisit, because I fell inlove with it during my first tour (ALONE) last year =) I'll be bringing the Sweets with me this time so it will be twice as fun!

Image from google*

My first visit: October 2008
And finally, GOODBYE to you, for now. I'll be around to spy on your sites once in a while and post sporadically, but I think I'll be needing most of my time for work and business and some travel prep, at least for the next 30 days. It kills me just thinking about the 12-hour work on Saturdays, but I have to do it and kick the b*tch.
I'm putting my game face on.
I'll miss you!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. awww sweetie.. thank u so much.. im really glad/relieved that u liked it.. i was worried you'd get disappointed..

    and i hate google reader for not catching this post..

    congrats on ur bazaar sis.. sucks that i wasnt able to drop by.. was plannin on surprisin u.. :)

    oh i will miss ur posts for sure.. but id have somethin to look forward to! your bangkok trip!

    take care dear! mwah!

  2. aww congrats on your bazaar and
    for winning the giveaway sister,
    and i hope you'll more more have fun on your second visit to SG, im sure you will!!

    goodbye for now pretty :)
    ill stay tuned for fun stories and pictures from singapore :) take care!!

  3. Whoah a very pretty businesswoman, congratz on the bazaar girl, your giveaway winnings look so good. Reminds me dapat na me sali bloggers contest ulit, miss ko na manalo hehe.

    Goodluck girl and have a nice day :)


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