What I'm Lovin' Right Now...

Enough about my rantings and drama, I don't want you feeling the Monday blues after reading my previous post. Truth is, I'm feeling a little bit lighter upon reading the comments from you guys, and because I'm finished lurking your sites, too! =) Plus a good news from the lovely Kay, because I won her blog giveaway, the hot pink package no less! I hope this feeling can keep me up until dismissal. So now, let's contradict the negative energies the past weekend, breathe in, breathe out, and back to my regular post.

What I'm loving right now? LONG CARDIGANS!!!

You will rarely, rarely see me wearing long sleeves. For one, it's damn hot/humid in the Philippines, (even when it's typhoon season!), and also because I don't think long sleeves flatter my volup physique. But when I tried a long cardigan, my views about it were never the same. Why? It's a classic piece in a girl's wardrobe. It's timeless, effortlessly chic, and you can make a thousand look with it. You can wear it with flats, heels, boots, what have you.

As I said, a thousand and one looks:

WITH NOTHING! If you are daring =P
And my most favorite,
I got a slightly similar one with below, difference is, this one is from Joias, which costs roughly around Php 3,500 (USD 85.00), and I got mine in a regular bazaar for just Php 350.00. I can be a cheapo. =)

And this is how I wear mine, on a simple grocery day.
Black Istanbul shirt from Zara + long gray cardigan
Checkered shorts from Landmark
White Strappy Flats from Marikina
*Sorry for the shaky hands=blurry photos*
I'm crazy about it, because it hides my thighs while still being sexy, and so I can finally wear my skimpy, or as the Sweetie calls it, slutty shorts without getting malicious looks here and there. Bleh.
I still want another one in black or white, or both. I don't mind getting several since they are wearable, and definitely worth keeping for years!
How about you guys, any current loves?
*Images from google*
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. I want Long cardigans too! :) I think I need to purchase one, I just need to find "the one" i have somewhat similar to what you have on but mine is shorter! :)

  2. i love pairing long cardigans with shorts too!!
    your outfit is simple yet chic heehee :)

  3. I have one in black! I love them too hehe I'll try to wear it with shorts. I'm glad you are feeling lighter ^_^

  4. The 2nd & 4th images are more like my style. LOL. This kind of cardigan is going to be perfect for the Christmas season.Ü

  5. I'm currently loving that too, and I think I have them in all natural colors by now, and I'm not eager to stop getting more haha! they're warm, comfy, easy to combinate with anything! so yay, love it!


  6. @ Nikki: A shorter one will be nice too, though it won't hide my skimpy slutty shorts, and the Sweets won't enjoy malling. tehee. =P

    @ Charry: Thanks hun, and you know, I feel brighter when I see your EOTDs! =D

    @ Cha: IKR? It's simple, effortless and chic. Layers of necklaces will be nice too =)

    @ Crystal: Yes! You should wear it with shorts, flaunt those pretty legs babe! =D

    @ Russ: I can imagine you with the 4th pic! And you like Vodka too! Hmmm... I have a feeling we'll get along drunk, este, well, if we meet. Haha! =D

    @ Shirley: LOL again on the pool post of yours =) And yep, it's worth it, because cardigans won't be gone anytime soon, like in years! =D

  7. I have 2 long cardigans and I want more! Yours is a steal! Definitely a wardrobe keeper! :)

  8. hi there that's nice cardigans..now I want one :D
    -thank you for the comment my dear

  9. @ Pixel: Hello SD! You know I love the one you have from Japan =) I saw something similar but it's soo expensive here! =P

    @ Louie: Sorry if my post makes you spend on one, Louie =D Thanks for visiting too!

  10. That's a real nice find!

    Oh btw, i am also giving away a Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit on my blog, maybe you want to share your Worst Pimple Moment there and get the chance to win :) Thanks!

  11. hehe..i hv similar like urs..got it from ZARA, last july KL trip..comfy..its rm99..so, u do the converting to peso..n i need more cardi!

  12. i love cardigans! they're awesome, i can layer them with everything :)

  13. ooooooooooooooh.... im lovin ur strappy white sandals!

  14. @ Earthlingorgeous: Thank you, I'll check your contest too =)

    @ Kavukz: Really? Wow, we really have similar taste eh? Not only in shoes but even clothes! My Zara blouse came from Dubai, so I don't know which is cheaper =P Missyah babe!

    @ Janelle: Nice to see you here =) Cardigans are really keepers no? I love your site honey, and how OC you are with the hangers! =P

    @ Crickette: Thanks dear, it's very pro-pinoy pa =)


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