I WANT...MiLea MakeUp Brushes

One of the perks of being an online seller, is that you have the biggest & most valid reason to... BUY. Yep, you heard me. I PERSONALLY BUY, TRY and TEST my products, and if I'm impressed, then that's the ONLY TIME they land on my multiply store. And I honestly rejected quite a few, abiding by my usual strict, OC taste.

Milea Mineral Makeup recently released its new batch of makeup brushes, and I really went nuts! While I respect the quality of branded brushes, especially the infamous MAC, I'm also considerate on getting budget friendly but quality finds. The last brush set I got was from Venus & Mars, and I' so HAPPY with it --- all the more because it didn't break my bank! =)

And now, here comes Milea Makeup, with their own line of brushes: simple, sleek, soft but firm, these babies are up for a challenge! Their brushes are either made from natural goat's hair and/or high grade synthetic hair. I have EXAMINED each piece carefully, USED them, FELT them, even tried PULLING them, and finally gave the green light.

My very own set (as I used the testers before) is arriving next week & I just can't wait...it made me feel more Christamas-sy!

Here's a peek for you:

KABUKI NATURAL @ 540.00 only

KABUKI SYNTHETIC @ 640.00 only - Reminds me of Body Shop!


ROUND POWDER BRUSH - Perfect for MMU sifters @ 225.00 only


9 piece brush set with pouch @ 1,900.00

If you are interested, you may get in touch with me. I'll be more than happy to EXTEND MY OWN SELLER'S DISCOUNT to my girls in blogspot! =) Happy Friday!
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Babe,
    how much will tat be in MYR?interested thou..:)

  2. Hello Babe!
    I can get them for you, and maybe send it along via Shell people posted in Miri! Or when u come here! =)

    9 pc. Brush set - RM 135
    Kabuki Synthetic - RM 45
    Kabuki Natural - RM 38
    ES Brushes 2 pcs. - RM 12.50
    Round Powder Brush - RM 16
    Angled Shader Brush - RM 18

    We can still deduct my seller's discount of course! =)

  3. hello my dear =)

    i want to ask permission if i could post this makeup brushes you are selling in my blog...

    all the credits and links will be directed to your shop =)

  4. Hi, Jing! Of course, you may =) And thanks also for plugging it! Have a great Sunday! Hugs!

  5. The brushes look so cute and soft, thanks for for the heads up on the brushes. It's so nice of you to extend your discounts :)

    Have a nice day girl ^_^

  6. Hi, Em! Anything for my friends in blogspot. =) Thanks, have a great week!


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