It's a Lonely Season

My brother just called me to inform that our mom’s tourist visa should be out this week. Mom is really close with kuya, and needless to say, he is the favorite. I’m glad that mom will be with my brother and her first grandson for the holidays. [kuya’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago]. She will be abroad for 3 months.

But now that mom will be leaving soon to join my brother in UAE, and my dad in KSA, I just realized I’ll be all alone this Christmas! Sure, I have tons of wonderful aunts, Grandma and cousins, but they can’t compare with mom-dad-sibling in the same table for Noche Buena. And it’s been years!

I’ve always wanted my own place and 100% independence, but I guess holidays are really just not a good timing to jumpstart my 3-month test run of independence. I mean who would eat my you’ll-forget-your-name delicious pasta? Hah!

Have you ever been alone for Christmas? Feels like Kevin of Home Alone, yeah?

I hope you had a great weekend, girls! My own plate was also full, but I don't have time for a longer post to share at the moment. =( And tomorrow will surely be a LOOONG day.

Much Love,

The NeuroChiq


  1. I've never been alone on christmas, and would probably not like it either! but well... you just need to enjoy yourself with the rest of your lovely family, and it will be fine!


  2. For some reason, there seems to be a pattern this month .. goodbyes. My D will be leaving this Friday, he's flying to the US. He won't be here for the holidays. Hang in there and try to smile :)

  3. Yep, have been alone for the past 7 years every Christmas and it's a sad thing :( Buti na lang anjan kayo. Cheer up! :)

  4. Oh no! That sounds so lonely. I can't imagine Christmas without my mom and my brother. My brother left for the U.S. last year, I can only imagine how lonely he must have felt during the holidays. I hope you will find comfort in the company of your friends and relatives this Christmas. Have a great weekn

  5. I've been alone for Christmas and new years for 3 years when I was working in China. It was the worst feeling as Chinese do not celebrate Christmas in China!!! All I did was spend long distance call wishing all my family members and friends merry Xmas! It was so sad!

  6. @ Toothfairy: I'll probably spend Christmas @ my grandma's house, and new year @ my BF's place. Life =)

    @ Russ: Aww, same boat! Thanks to technology nowadays. Imagine the people abroad when cellphones & internet were still a sci-fi thing. =P

    @ Teeyah: Will Jerome be in the US for Christmas? At least Ira is around. Smile! =)

    @ Mel: Aww...I'm sure your brother misses you so much. But hopefully, next year won't be as lonely. =)

    @ Nikki: WHAT??? 3 years of Christmases & New Years in China?! Why the heck didn't you come home for the holidays? Don't do that again, Nikki! =)

  7. I've been alone for every holiday ie thanksgiving, new year except christmas so far. My family lives on the other side of Canada so it costs $$$$$ to visit them :S It was sad not having turkey but I really don't have all that much money and time to visit them every holiday


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