An inspired Monday

My body is still aching from all the walking I did in Singapore and KL the past five days, but it's something I'm too grateful about, because that equates to energy well spent, and a traveler's blissful heart. I'll talk more about my recent wandering more on my next post. =) This quick one is dedicated to greet you, my blogger friends, a happy & blesses Monday!, and share the positivity that I've been feeling lately...and part of that positivity comes from this Asia-exclusive baby --- JLO Deseo Forever.

"Deseo Forever is described as a sheer and sparkling fruity floral scent:
Inspired by a shower of petals in Jennifer’s rain-kissed garden, Deseo Forever is a sparkling bouquet wrapped in lush femininity. A secret burst of summer peach, fresh freesia petals and orange blossom hidden with the hint of mineral notes and sheer musk."

In all honesty, my first impression on this Deseo flanker is, well, not bad for a celebrity perfume but nothing great either. And so, it just sat on my bedside table for more than a month, if only for the lovely bottle. But I ran out of my usual D&G Light Blue, and the RL Romance is too strong for my fresh morning mood, and so I turned to my Deseo. First spray was too strong, but as hours passed, it developed into something more light, more fresh, and more memorable! I'm highly acidic, and most perfumes smell differently on my skin, and so I don't use many brands but just a few trusted ones. [I have horrible stories of how some perfumes turn rancid on me!!! Argh.] Deseo Forever is a discovery, it really turned into something upon contact to my skin, inexplainable chemistry, I don't care how many Glow JLo has sold, I'm sticking to this. =)

How about you? Any perfume that smells different on you? In a good or bad way? I'd love to hear it. =)

Happy, sweet smelling day to us all! Cheers!
Much Love,


  1. Dang, never know about this brand but the packaging looks really really pretty! :)

  2. yeah, nvr heard bout this brand but the bottle looks pretty "sexy"

    if u r into floral, u shld check out Flora by Gucci, tats my top fav for the moment.but now im torn, i like my new perfume from marc jacobs..

  3. Im not really into perfumes but rather i'm a cologne person. ;) remember the cucumber melon cologne i bought from your officemate? Still havent finished the bottle.

    And I only wear perfume on special occassions cause I find it too strong for my taste ;)

  4. @ Nikki: Me too, didn't know about this until my brother gave me one. And yes, the packaging is LOVE! PS: Nice new pic, Niks! =)

    @ Russ: Hihi, super sarap nga, kaya now we're broke, LOL. ;-P

    @ Kavukz: Sexy & elegant, la? =) I'm not really into florals, but I've tried the one from Gucci, it's good, but not for me =) Miss you, babe!

    @ Karen: I also know some people who really don't wear any perfume, mostly because they're too sensitive with smell. ;-D Haha, inggitera! LOL.

  5. haha I love celebrity perfume!! I wear perfume sometimes when I remember to put it on in the morning, but not everyday. Lately been using lots cuz I want to buy new ones! And yah, I agree, if my bf starts wearing eyeliner it's the end of our relationship!


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