Let's bag 'em up!

My KL-Sing trip with the Sweets is just 3 days away, and so aside from a looong list of errands I have to finish this weekend, I also anticipate last minute packing. As with all previous trips, I’m also preparing his stuffs, or at least give him a detailed list of what to bring, otherwise, he will end up with a single walking shorts, a few shirts and without a tooth brush – hence the term boys will be boys. LOL.

Of course, my makeup & toiletries are on top priority [yes, we girls will always be girls!], so when I saw these nice makeup bags, I didn’t think twice of getting one for my BFF, and two for myself. =D

Polka dots bag from Swell Stuffs, ATC
Lippie bag from SM Department Store
I've always been a fan of black, and a splash of bright colors (like hot pink, green or orange), adds a little kick and kikay touch to it.

They are nice outside, and even nicer inside! Both have brush holders [which I love!], waterproof lining which is a must for me because I truly hate spills, and a little mirror that comes in handy.

It's nice that this bag is formed and sturdy, so I can put it in my luggage and not worry about crushed makeup.

Not much, but fits the basics.

As many of you may notice, I have full lips, and so I got this to remind me that big is beautiful! LOL.;-)

Best thing about this bag is that it opens up really wide, so 100% access, no digging needed. The brush holders can also double as mascara or tube lipstick holders, as seen in the photo. Smarty.

One of the best thing about girls is that we always find joy in the simplest of things, and thank goodness that more girls walk the earth, making it a little brighter. =)
May your Saturday be a cheerful one! Celebrate being a girl! =)
Much Love,


  1. this makeup bag is so cute!
    i love the one with the printed lips.

  2. Nice! <3 so organized! :P
    I like how it can open so wide :P

  3. I remember my polka-dot vanity case and I'm so happy you gave me one! =) Happy SG trip!

  4. honestly... i wish, wish, wish that i am girly enough to care for make-up this way!

  5. hi dang! mishu girl!

    these are such cute makeup cases.. i like em so much.. im gonna go to SM later to grab one.. hehe:)

    thanks for sharing hun.. hope u'll have a great time on your trip with your Sweets!

  6. @ Nikki: Thanks, dear =) I actually thought of yu with the polka dots!

    @ Jing: I remember you wear red lippie so well, so that explains the love for the lippie bag! =) High five to that! =)

    @ Kay: Yup, that's also one of my fave, no digging! =D

    @ Teeyah: Your welcome BFF, glad you liked it! We have a twin travel bag, now we have a twin vanity case too, imagine how cute it'll be when we travel to Cambodia together this year!!! EEEkkk..so excited! Happy BKK trip to you too!

    @ Crickette: Hmm, maybe you can put toiletries instead =D I'm using one for that also. Cheers!

    @ Kay: Haha, you're cute, I hope you got yours from SM na =) So affordable pa diba! Misshoo too dearie, and thanks for wishing me & the Sweets a nice trip. =) Hugs*

  7. New to your blog and wanna show some support ~ Cute makeup/vanity cases. Esp the one with the lip prints ~


  8. oooh i like the one with the lips! :) will try to look for it hehe


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