NeuroChiq's 2009 RECAP

I can stay put all day - Palawan 07'

2009 for me, was a year of gains and losses. It was confusing but memorable, scary but exciting. I’ve witnessed how envy, pride and selfishness can suck out every single drop of goodness from a person, and yet I have proven that human beings can learn, can forgive, and can bounce back a better person.

It’s the first working day of 2010, and since I voluntarily spent my entire vacation away from the computer, this is my perfect chance to look back at my OH YAY, OOPPPS and WHAT NOTs of the year past.

BAD MOVIE with a GOOD ENDING – Who says something so so bad, can end real good? ME. In fact, 2008 up to the first 2 quarters of my 2009 was flooded with tears, whining & alcohol. My then ex BF was seeing someone else and was finally happy, my single GFs were single no more and so I’m practically alone, my career was dull and stagnant, and family and independence issues were getting to my nerves. I remember driving around the city for hours, calling every number on my phone and ending up downing vodka alone. It was scary, difficult and I was losing control, which freaked me out even more. If quarter life crisis is a man, I would have killed the bi*ch. But I saw the silver lining towards Q3, with my career picking up, my faith reconstructed, and the brat learned a lesson or two and began seeing things at different angles. The last months of my 2009 were spent healing, loving and appreciating my blessings, and it can only get better.

NEW & OLD LOVEs - 2009 sealed the decade long friendship I have with my best girlfriends. It's so hard to find genuine people nowadays, who will stand for you in the darkest of your days, and I'm so happy & blessed to have found 7 great girls. Love them to bits!
Karen, me, Yhel, Tara, Tethas & Libay...and we are missing Chai (in Australia) and Cath badly.
I also realized, in the most UNROMANTIC way, that I let go of the most wonderful man I have ever met. And when I say UNROMANTIC, I meant sitting on the dental chair, all bloody, while my dentist was doing impacted tooth surgery, and my then Ex, was beside me, stroking my hair, sweaty and restless because he can’t bear to see me in pain. Where else can I get a man like that? Not on Earth. See the rest of the story HERE. =)

2009 was also the start of my BLOGGING life, and while I’ve had a loving relationship with writing for years, blogging took it to a whole new level, with a lot of wonderful blogger friends to boot!

BUSINESS and ADVOCACY. Supporting my advocacy of going green through the use of Organics gave way to the launch of my shop -- HOUSE OF ORGANICS. I make a little money, make a lot of friends and help even a lot more people, and that fulfills me in ways I didn’t imagine.

My most wonderful girlfriends ever supporting House of Organics bazaar in AAV

While I have always been vain and conscious about how I look, I didn’t bother learning MAKEUP techniques not until I got so addicted with beauty blogs such as Nikki’s Ask Me Whats (hello, Niks!), Shen’s Addiction, Jheng’s IamSutil, and a whole bunch of pretty, talented girls, who can make any face a freakin’ masterpiece! I started getting serious and practicing what I read, (makeup school is out of budget!) and though I’m a FAR FAR cry from neither of these makeup gurus, I think I’ll eventually get the hang of it. (fingers crossed*)

– I did a lot of traveling this year, but I don’t consider it luxurious, nor something I should brag about. Traveling means a lot more to me, it shapes the way I think, and feel towards other people, and each place entails a new story in my life. One day, I’m a kid amazed by the Disney parade, then I’m a teenager who finds comfort with the howling seas. My humble travels are but mini adventures that I would love to look back 30 years from now. I was blessed to have visited the culturally rich town of Bohol, the bustling lights and amazing parks of HK, the breath taking dive sites of Anilao, the magical sands and waters of Boracay, the progressive and OC-ish clean streets of Singapore, the majestic towers of KL, the simplicity of Miri (where I met great friends!) and the surprisingly wonderful city of Kota Kinabalu. I can’t be more grateful for these blessings. I hope to see more of the world in the coming years with the best people in my life.

All sweaty @ Petronas Towers, KL

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Man made forest, Bohol

Bohol Beach Club

SHOCKING LOSSES – We have witnessed terrible losses here in the Philippines and worldwide. The death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Pinoy Master Rapper Francis Magalona, and other notable personalities in Hollywood and local show business, are but testaments on how temporary human life is, thus, teaching us a lesson or two. And who would forget the ferocious typhoon Ondoy? The sea tragedies just before Christmas and New Year, and the shameless Maguindanao massacre? =,(

SCREEN TREATS – I’m a movie buff, and a TV addict too, in fact, I won’t last a week without watching a movie, be it on DVD or the big screen. Sweets and I religiously watch movies or TV series on Sundays, where we can be as lazy as we want to be. 2009 boasted of some of the biggest screen treats like Transformers 2, Up, G.I. Joe, New Moon, District 9, Star Trek, Avatar etc. It also left millions glued on the boob tube with the likes of The Big Bang Theory, Glee (thanks to my GFs), Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother etc. Oh how I wish Citi can still extend their REEL DEAL promo…or make it permanent perhaps? Anybody from Citi here? =) 2010 movies look even more promising, and I can't wait to see Iron Man 2 this summer.

Needless to say, my 2009 was nothing but colorful. I had my ups and downs and went through every twist fair and square, I gained some, I lost some, and I’m in for more surprises. 2010 is my silver year, and I’m not running away from getting older, in fact, age and freedom really turns up my heat.

Have a BLESSED & HAPPY life in 2010! My blogging break is ALMOST over, and I hope to make it up to all of you in the coming weeks. Cheers!

Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. Happy New Year sweetie. Great pictures. Cheers to more great times in 2010! Happy new year!

  2. I'm glad to have been part of your 2009 (and many years before that). I'm looking forward to more years of best-friendship with you :)

    Love yah!

  3. I love your photo with the Petronas Towers! :)

    Happy new year Dang! :)

  4. it was a great year!!!
    here's to another great one!!! yey!

  5. It seems that you had a fab year! :)
    Cheers to new year that's equally awesome, if not better. Happy New Year to you dearie. I enjoyed reading this post.

  6. love this, thanks for sharing. what a great year, huh?
    and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back visiting soon!

  7. @ Mel: Hey, I missed you! =) Thanks for noticing the pics, they carry a lot of good memories! Happy 2010 too, darl! =)

    @ Teeyah: I'm excited about OUR YEARS TO COME! =) Loveyah!

    @ Krissy: It's so tough to take that photo, it was freakin' hot that day! Thanks dear, have a blessed 2010!

    @ Crickette: Happy 2010 too, I look forward to visiting your blog often & seeing your hot crushes by Dec 2010. =p

    @ Russ: Thank you, Russ. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your post, you have the gift of influence. Cheers to our 2010! =)

    @ Alanna: Nice to see another beautiful blogger here, thanks for the kind words, I'm following you already =) Happy 2010!

  8. Nice Photos Sis! Happy New Year!

  9. Know what sis? It made me smile when I saw myself in 2 photos above. Made me realize that girlfriends (gamma) plays a big part in our lives no?

    Thank you for spending a lovely 2009 with me. Its 2010 na! lets make it rock! We should celebrate our silver bdays with a bang! Watchuthink? Lets plan na! LOL!


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