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One best thing I miss about being a student, is that you have a lot of spare time. It's true that you don't actually appreciate it then, since all you think about is to get out of the uni [after XX years of studying!] and start earning big bucks. Back in HS and early college, I have like hundreds of hours that I can use to surf the net, do scrapbooks, chat with my GFs, some dates, see plays and even attend extra classes. And one good thing I like, is that I have all the time in the world to READ. Downside is, as a student, I didn't have much money to spare to buy books. I just borrowed, and so my choices were limited. My mom and dad were not much of readers, my dad used to buy me bikes, roller skates and rubber shoes for my birthday, mom on the other hand, gives me cross stitch set. LOL.

The irony is, now that I'm already capable of buying books of my choice, I don't have much time to read! With my mom abroad, my weekend errand list ballooned. This Saturday, I have to go to the market and cook [I've been living on instants, and BF food], do some grocery, go to the vet, pay the bills, maintain the car and visit my folks. I'm human, I need at least 5 hours of sleep on weekdays, and 8 hours every now and then. By the time I grab my book before bed, I'll be sleepy in less than 10.

For year 2010, I have a few passions in my past that I would like to revisit. Painting, DIY's, scrapbooks, and yes, READING MORE. Reading everyday!

I found myself in Powerbooks, scanning over hundreds of titles, and man, I missed a LOT! And so I'm starting with these and hopefully get back my mojo.

How long would you wait for love? Me? 3 months max. =p
I'm looking for the Sybil movie, 1976 version. If you have a copy, or know where I can get it, PLEASE get in touch with me. I'll greatly appreciate it.

My boss told me that this one is a good "hanep" read. It's a little pricey and heavy, so I guess I can just wait for her to finish hers. =)

I can't wait to get home and start with my first Gabriel Marquez's. How about you? Any good reads lately? I'd love to know so I can check them out, too. Happy reading and learning! =)
Much Love,


  1. Love in the time of cholera is the BOMB! :) Super loved it :) The movie made a great version, too, with Javier Bardem in it. :)

    I think I used to have Sybil and gave it so someone sometime. Sayang!

  2. @ Teeyah: I promise to finish the books before seeing the movies =) Dibale ng disappointed =P

    You mean the Sybil movie? I have the book but the 1976 movie wala, huhu. =.(

  3. I think I need to get on reading Love in the Time of Cholera. I thought the movie was okay though it made me sad. I wonder what the differences between the movie and the book are? I remember it distinctly only because it was the choice book in Serendipity XD

  4. I'm not too much of a book reader so I cant answer your Q regarding good reads. Personally, I prefer magazines / books with visuals and blogs. i'm overwhelmed with thick books and end up sleeping. hahaha.


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