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I would like to believe that I've been very diligent in the latter part of 2009, and I've spent hours and hours of shopping and gift hunting for the special people in my life, that I almost forgot to buy something for myself last Christmas! Thank goodness for online shops and efficient store owners who made it possible for these beauties to arrive just in time for my company party last December 18.

I was tasked to do some of the performers' makeup for the event, and it turned out that my friends also trusted me to do their looks for that glam night, yay. So it's high time for me to find some good makeup and tools that I can use to use and practice over and over without leaving me broke or homeless. LOL. And so I decided to get the 78 pc. ES and Blush palette from Doll Face Cosmetics and the 8 pc. Holiday Charm Travel Brushes from Beauty and Minerals.

So here's my self lovin' treats for Christmas 09'

Combination of matte, satin and shimmer shadows that give me endless possibilities, it feels like my gradeschool days, painting and drawing on my canvass. =) The color pay off is good, but I won't rave about it so much now, I still have to use it more, but the first time isn't bad. For the price of less than a thousand bucks (Php), it's no doubt a GOOD BUY!

I'm not a fan of baby pink, so that's a minus for me. And for brushes, I'll still go for classy elegant colors like black, silver or scarlet. It makes it look pricey, don't you think so?

But when it comes to the quality of the brushes, I'm all for it, hands down! The bristles are fine and very soft, no shedding and bleeding is almost neglectable. My only wish is that they thicken the powder and blush brush a bit more, like 20% more. I like my brushes puffy and real stout.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving my set is that THEY ARE SOOO SMALL! Too small for my hands =.( I took this picture to show you, I can be clumsy at times and the ES brushes slipped my hands a few times already. On the positive side, the set is really handy and travel friendly, so I carry it with me every single day!

Comparing the size and bristle density of my Venus & Mars' and Holidays Charm's powder brushes. V&M still holds my heart. <3

Phone for size reference

The Holiday Charm Brushes @ Php 950.00
Likes: VERY soft, animal friendly, VERY handy, minimal bleeding, and VERY affordable too
Dislikes: A tad too short, and a little more density please!
Overall: This set is a travel essential, if you are always on the go like me, and can't live without at least the basics, then this is a must grab. I'm giving it 8 out of 10. =)

Thank you to Sophie of Beauty & Minerals and Pearl of Doll Face Cosmetics for being professional and very kind. =)
Much Love,
The NeuroChiq


  1. We have the same palette and we have the same phone! mine is in red though :) hahahaha *high five* sistah :)

  2. I love baby pink! But definitely not on my brushes, kaya I've been having doubts if I'll buy them. Good buy on the palette, though :)

  3. Aww your brushes are so cute!!!

  4. @ Nikki: Haha, we have more than a few things in common no??? =D But I'm disappointed with my Samsung, been broken thrice in less than a year! Argh!

    @ Teeyah: Ako nga I really hate baby pink, but I still bought them, haha. I was thinking of Suesh, but the handles are same color as V&M so I swallowed my pride na, LOL. The quality of the brushes made up for it though, so happy nadin =)

    @ Tammy: They are actually TOO cute for my taste, but it's very handy, so I'm carrying it around. =)

  5. That is heaven! WoooHooo!
    Every kikay girl's best friend. Love it!

  6. ive been wanting to get this... kasi wala lang... but since i really dont put make-up i dunno if its worth it.

    i actually only remember when im going out and i need more colors... haaaay, maybe i should!

  7. @ Russ: Hehe, you're too cute, R!

    @ Crickette: I actually planned on buying the palette like half a year ago, but like you, I don't wear eye makeup everyday,and so I passed on buying this until now. Maybe it'll inspire us to do eye makeup more, eh? =) And yeah, it sucks when you go out & you realize you don't have enough colors. =P

  8. SD, naunahan mo ko! remember i told you i want the pallette. But i backed out cause you told me you wont be able to wear all the colors and so I thought the same. haha. Now I wanted the neutral pallette nalang. But I still don't have it. maybe after paying the holiday bills. lol!

    Hey, yung makeup session/ overnight thing natin hindi na natuloy! =( Holler if you got free time ok! Still looking forward to it! See you soon!


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