OOTN: I Wanna Be A RockStar

I've been in love with black since the day my mom gave me my first crayola. If you ask my friends from HS and early college, they will attest to my addiction to darkness, that shows in the choice of my wardrobe, fonts, accesories, gadgets, and yes, even nail polish. I'm in NO WAY gothic, I simply love the elegance, appeal and sexiness of black. The slimming effect is just a plus, since I embrace my curves and mass fully. ;-)

Ang though I have learned to dress more colorfully in the recent years, black will always be my first love. And I think I still rock it best. <3

OOTN: I wanna be a Rockstar! (singing)
Top: Black Tank Top from VS's Very Sexy Collection
[If you can see closely, the shirt says...nibble, bite, kiss...etc. ;-p)
Pants: Herbench
Velvet Booties: Celine
Bracelet: Gift from my dear friend, Cath
Big Loop Earrings (not yet worn in the pic): SM Dept. Store

Much Love,


  1. Flawless skin, very pretty outfit girl ^_^. I love black too. Out of 7 days in a week, I wear black for 5 days hehe ^_^

  2. you rock the outfit! :D

    Bea :)

  3. Pretty outfit! Love the boots! :)

  4. @ Ems: Same here, sucker for black, it just never goes wrong! =) Missyah Ems!

    @ Russ: I'm such a lazy blogger these days, hope to catch up soon. Rock on! =D

    @ Bea: Thank you honey, nice to see new faces everytime =)

    @ Charry: Thank you, Charry. The boots are green! =D

    @ Nikki: Haha, di ko kaya maging sweet, so sexy nalang kunyari! ;-)

    @ Tammy: Thank you, Tammy. You're sexier I swear!

    @ L: The top was a gift from a boss, can you believe it? =D Miss you, L!


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