Pink Black Love Affair

My fabulous girlfriends from Malaysia came to visit Manila last week, and so I filed my leave, packed my weekend bag and joined the trip. I’m from the South, lived and worked in the South most of my life. And so, staying with them in a Makati hotel was actually like a mini-vacation, that for a second, I forgot that I was still in Manila! LOL.

We had so much fun during the two-day vacation that I can’t seem to decide how to start writing about it, not to mention that it’s 1am. I’m also waiting for some photos from my friends’ cameras, and so this vacation post can wait. But feeling all giddy, I’m sharing my OOTN and FOTN, with my eyes done by no less than my darling -- who is a very talented makeup geek -- Kavukz.


Metallic leggings, Tube tunic top, Hot Pink Belt and sky-high Wedgies


Maybelline Clear Smooth MMU and NARS Oasis (face), Dollface palette, Maybelline gel liner and mascara (eyes), Anna Sui and random gloss (lips)

The gang @ Encore, Fort

Tara, Dang, Bebe, Abby & Chris (OJ is the camera guy)

To OJ, Bebe, Chris and Abby, I’m more than happy to be your tour guide, your mother hen, and your Pinay friend who introduced you to sisig and dirty ice cream. ;-) And thanks also, BFF, for sharing another wonderful trip with me. I’m missing you girls to bits!

It’s Monday, and I’m surprisingly happy! I hope this signifies a fantastic week for us all. <3>

Much Love,



  1. Dang, your top is too pretty! ang ganda!!! Its definitely what I would wear too :)

  2. @ Nikki: Wow, that made my night. Thank you. =) I always want something sexy but won't make me feel naked on the dance floor. LOL.

  3. TO QUEEN OF MAYHEM: There's something weird with blogger tonight, I can't see your comment which I published. =,( But glad to hear that you're feeling lighter reading my posts. Hope you can contact me again so I can visit your site, too. Blah to blogspot. =(

  4. looks like you had tons of fun! :) I kinda mis sgoing out with the girls, so muhc fun in dressing up and getting all dolled up together hehe

  5. ganda ng makeup! :) YOu look so different, but thats a compliment ha! I miss our night outs. hope to hangout with you again till the sun shines :P SEE You soon SD!

  6. @ Sush: Yes! That's one of the most exciting part, dressing up with your girlfriends! =D

    @ Kavukz: Hihi, hugs* babe!

    @ Karen: Thank you, eye makeup done by my good friend, Chris, she's super good at smokey eyes! =D Miss yah too! Let's run na! =D


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