Product Review: L'oreal VS. Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I think it’s safe to say that I’m slowly getting back on track, and so blogging life will hopefully resume. Thank the heavens for helping me out on my demanding desk job late last year, and with some personal stuff I had to deal with. My organic business is taking a temporary break to give way to something me and the Sweetie are looking forward to. My mouth is zipped and my hands are clasped in prayers, and shutting up is one of the most challenging thing for me to do. Gah!

So before I say anything untimely, let me share a review on two things that brighten my mornings lately: L’oreal True Match Minerals and Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals. As you may have known, I have super sensitive skin that reacts to nearly any invention after baby powder. I’ve been in several battles with acne breakouts, red blotches and flaky skin. During my college years, the only soaps I used were those transparent cubes from the derma that turns really slimy after the third wash, and/or Cetaphil, which is not bad but is simply boring. After years of cease fire, pimples have yet to return to test my patience and my bank --- skin medicines are obsessively pricey! And so poor me visited the derma, and to my dismay, her rule on makeup was strict: no cream concealers and liquid makeup. I pestered her to at least spare MMU, and I think I was annoying enough that she agreed. And so, I’ve used these two brands from then on and here’s what I have to say.

L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation

- VERY good coverage, I need not use concealers to hide my pimples and black spots
- Long lasting, I only swipe this in the morning and only do minor touch up before going home
- Packaging. The kabuki brush is attached to the lid (which is smart), and so you’ll never lose your brush ever again
- Safe for sensitive skin, no harmful chemicals and parabens
- It comes in sooo many shades to suit every skin tone · Locally available in malls, PCX stores, Watsons etc. (I’m not very patient in waiting for online shipments)

- The quality of the kabuki brush is so-so, and it needs conditioner after washing to keep it soft
- A bit more expensive at Php 995.00 for 10 grams, but because it’s long lasting, I think it’s worth it
- No SPF
- No positive effect on breakouts, while their ads say it will help clear your skin in weeks

Overall verdict: 8/10. This is another quality product from L’oreal that’s worth every penny. Your 10 grams will go a long way with its nice coverage and lasting power. It may not help on clearing up my skin, but as long as it doesn’t irritate mine, then I’m cool with it. =)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Foundation

- Fragrance free
- Oil free, and I really felt that my skin’s oiliness has lessened that I only use 2-3 blotters a day now (it used to be 5-10!)
- With SPF 25!!!
- Very light on the skin, I can feel that my skin can freely breathe
- Cheaper at Php 600.00 for 8 grams
- Looks very natural
- I honestly noticed that my skin condition has improved. I’m sure that it’s more because of the prescription drugs, but still, I’m convinced that it helped.
- Locally available in malls PCX stores, Watsons etc. (I’m not very patient in waiting for online shipments)

- Medium coverage only, so I still have to use a concealer (I use PureGlow’s Eye Glow concealer)
- Limited shades available
- The kabuki brush included is a bit small, and you can easily lose it. In my case, I use my own powder brush, so no big a deal.

Overall verdict: 9/10. I have read so many positive reviews on this product, and I’m so glad that I listened to them. Maybelline has again proven that quality products can actually be affordable. I’m a big fan of this brand way back in college (I lived on allowance alone! =p), and this product sealed my loyalty. I also bought my gel liner from Maybelline, but I’m yet to test it.

I’m grateful for whomever invented/discovered MMU, it makes acne prone people more confident in wearing makeup. But my greatest dream is for MMU to be available in pressed form (or tell me if it is?); don’t you also hate the mess on clothing and bags? I avoid the first one by applying MMU before putting on my blouse, it may also do the trick for you. =)

I hope you find these reviews helpful, this is not a showdown of which is a better product, because I'm honestly happy with both and I'm definitely repurchasing. We have different skin types, so best to test which one works for you. As per lovely Shen, use the trials from the store and walk around for hours, then see if the product still looks good on you and decide. =)

Your comments, stories and suggestions are highly appreciated. Happy Happy midweek, beautiful beings!

Much Love,



  1. Thanks Dang for the review , my Oceanmist mineral foundation will almost be empty and I'm looking for a new one. I've been eyeing Maybelline for a month now and your review just seals it hehe, Maybelline it is :)

  2. I haven't tried the L'Oreal one but the Maybelline one rocks no? I so love the coverage and how great it is for its price! right on about the K-brush but what the hell? As long as it works no??? :) *hugsie*

  3. @ Nikki: Yeah, I really don't mind the brush, since I consider it as just a freebie, what matters is the content, and agree, it rocks talaga! =D You know I trust you & Shen so much that I keep a list of my next purchases based on your revs. Teehee. Me hugs back! =D

    @ Ems: Wee, I missed my blogger friends so much after my break. Nice to see you again, sis! =D And cheers to us MMU lovers, hope these work for you as well! =)

  4. great review, I tend to find loreal better at making skincare products than cosmetics -_- maybeline it is!!

  5. L’oreal True Match Mineral Foundation is very good for our skin. thank you for this blog..
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