For the Love of Red Heads

It’s time for a quick beauty post! I’ve been neglecting myself for quite sometime, for countless reasons, but since it was my birthday yesterday, and the BF OBLIGED, yes he OBLIGED, me not to work, or even think of work, I finally visited the salon to get my hair color done. If not for the photos from J&J’s event last Tuesday, which showed how ghastly my hair roots looked like, I would have spent the whole day in bed, because that would be the perfect workless day, agree?

Back in college, I was denied too many times to enter the campus because of two main reasons, because I wore slashed pants and because I dyed my hair. You see, I studied in a state university where it’s almost a sin to look good. So I promised myself to dye my hair to death, and that’s exactly what I did right after graduation. I’ve tried copper, shades of browns, almost blonde, jet black, blue black, then back to brown, with highlights, without highlights and so on. I have a trusted stylist, and I don’t even remember the last shade he used on me, must be a mixture of red and brown. But with the BF bugging for a toned down look, and me getting so used with my flaming do, I decided it will be red this time. And the flavor of the month? L’oreal’s Mahogany Red.

Me at rightmost side. See my roots? Eek!

Almost 5 inches of roots showing, and in serious need of trim and some treatments


New hair in L'oreal Mahogany Red, and with almost 5 inches chopped off. A lot better?
(Hair a bit messy since I took the photo right after I woke up the next morning)

So what do you think? Did I make the right choice to switch to RED? If not for the extreme heat, I'd love to keep my waist length locks, but it weighs a ton, so there. Hope you still liked it, though.

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Goodnightie! =)

Much Love,


  1. wow! ive always wanted to dye my hair red dont think it will suit me though, and have been afraid to get my hair colored after turning my hair orange sometime during highschool lol

  2. Girl, I did not even see the growing roots when we met at JnJ event, I guess it was the crazy dim lights plus the fact that I'm enjoying your company!

    The after photo looks gorgeous, love the hair color and hairstyle! You do deserve the treatment on your burpday!!! See you again!

  3. @ Maui: I've been dreaming of being a red head since I was 12, must have watched it somewhere, but I wanted it REALLY RED as in, feeling ko lang, alangan with my line of work so I settled for this one nalang. =) Try it, I think bagay sayo, dear, I swear. =)

    @ Nikki: Thank you, dear! Yes, thanks to dim lights, but the photos are unforgiving! =P Hope to see you again soon, too!

  4. the color looks good on you and you have a pretty long hair, i remember i used to have red hair with highlights..i love reds =)

    belated happy birthday, it is really fun to celebrate and pamper yourself on your special day, you deserve it =) hugs to you

  5. @ Coline: Thank you for the kind words, hun. =) I'm also a fan of red, it's elegant and mysterious.

    *Me hugs back!*


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