Frantic and ALMOST Forgetful

I'm dead busy the past weeks, or has it been months? My hair roots are showing, my nails are dying to get a proper pedicure, I missed two Derma sessions, failed to watch TV series - not even news! - and haven't seen any of my GFs for weeks! Yay! And you know what else I forgot? That I'll be turning 25, five days from now! How pathetic is that??

I don't usually forget birthdays. I even mark my planner for other people's big days. It's a happy occasion, a celebration of life's WAS and WILL BE. I normally look forward to my own a few weeks from it, and plan something; a trip, home dinner, or just a memorable purchase.

Two years ago, I arranged a 2-in-1 party for me and mom, because she turned 50 (her birthday is just 5 days after mine). Last year, we decided to spend it in HK Disneyland. But this year, with the demands (time & money) of the business I'm putting up with my brother and the Sweets, I don't think I can even afford a trip outside the 5 KM radius of the Metro. *Sigh with a Smile*

This iss how I turned 24 last year, screaming like mad aboard Space Mountain, HK Disneyland.

But thinking about it, I still have 5 days, and something can still snap inside my frantic head and turn to something REALLY nice. Do watch out,

I have a feeling it has something to do with this NeuroChiq blog! And I bet you're guessing it right!

For now, I want nothing but a Strawberry Birthday Cheesecake, and I pray to heavens for some kindhearted being to give me one, or to up the ante and MAKE ME ONE! ;-p

To all April celebrators like me, have a HAPPY, HAPPY, BLESSED ONE!

And again, watch out! =)

Much Love,


  1. awwww you've been too caught up with LIFe and you nearly forget about your birthday!!! who knows? a huge cheesecake will drop in front of you? hahah wag naman sa face no? hahahah :) ENjoy!!! I am sure something exciting will be coming up this week! just stay positive muwah :x

  2. I am also an April celebrator! Happy birthday! I hope you get to enjoy and relax on your special day :)

  3. Ah the Busy life!! Yes Dang we deserve a vacay after working so hard ain't that so damn right! haha.. Advance happy bday dear! i-enjoy ang bday!! woohoo!

  4. @ Nikki: Yes, I'm really tied up with a lot of things, so meeting you guys last night was a HUGE relief and refresher! So great to finally meet you! YOu are adorable, online and in person! =)

    @ Krissy: Yep, I saw your bday celeb post, and you had fun! I hope mine will be as happy =)

    @ LJ: Thank you, dearie! Let's promise ourselves to take a break okies? Hugs*

  5. Advance Happy Birthday to you Dang :)

  6. it was nice meeting you and the rest of the fab beauty bloggers last night. Happy birthday! i think the best way to spend it is to surround yourself with good people and perhaps tons of good food? haha =)

  7. @ Maui: Same here, great great to see & meet you! I knew at once it was you, you're so FIT! =) Hope to see you again next time, and Caby too! Thanks for the greeting!

  8. happy birthday:) blueberry cheesecake.


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