Generosity Queens

Admit it, aside from the fact that holding giveaways earn bloggers more followers and traffic, they also find joy in giving and sharing nice things to their readers, who, more or less, have the same interests in anything but beautiful.

And so allow me to join for the first time (in so many months) and share to you the generosity queens and their fab giveaways. =)

Pinkhearted Pricess Royal Giveaway

Her name says it all. Click the link and see how royal her giveaways are! Not only that, I just love how fun & chic she is, and she surely knows how to keep her readers happy! =) Contest ends May 31. =)

Mariel's Cosmo Planner Giveaway
I know it's almost May, but I can't help but still want that chic planner. I like writing, plotting my schedule, doodle my thoughts and observations. I can even just look at the illustrations and read the articles all day! =) She is giving away 5 of this very nice magazine editorial art, and you might also like to join the upcoming makeover promo at Cosmo website, too. Click HERE.

Lady Joan's Mini Giveaway

Click and see her contest rules, ends May 10. And let's wish her luck in her upcoming wedding! =)

Lizz's Korean Products April Giveaway

She asks what is one skin care product that I can't live without, and my answer would be moisturizers! My organic Ilog Maria Royal Jelly Facial oil (face), and a dozen of different lotions for the body - but my fave is Marks & Spencer's Cucumber lotion. So yum! =) Her contest ends April 28!

The MoleSkin Giveaway by Daily Optimystique

When I was younger, I've always wondered what's so special about MoleSkin notebooks, they are so pricey! Not until I learned of its ability to preserve your writings to almost forever. For a Comms. person like me, it would be a waste not to join! Check Anna's page, you still have until Friday, April 30. That's my mom's birthday and with some luck, I'll give her one of the notebooks if I ever win. =)

And lastly, the lovely Maui, is giving away a Paul & Joe Makeover Voucher. I won't be joining because of medical reason, but click HERE to join and get a chance to get that fab makeover!

OF COURSE, please join my very own Silver Birthday Giveaway, too, okay? I'll be giving away 3 different packages. =)

That's it for now, goodluck to all who will join, and thanks to blogging world, where beautiful & kind hearted girls meet!

Much Love,


  1. Hi, Dang! Can you email me your mailing info at mariel.chua[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Mariel, sent it to you na. Yey! Thanks a lot! =)


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