Of Deranged Life and Beautiful People

My social life is seriously dead. The first quarter of 2010 has been INSANELY busy, but equally beautiful. A lot of endings and new beginnings, starting with a grand vacation last January, a lot of people coming and leaving, a newfound love for running, a marriage proposal (albeit not mine! Ha!) plus a very exciting business opportunity to boot (but not yet ready to talk about). I'm a slavedriver to myself, working my usual 8-hour professional job, 4 hours for business, and another 2 dedicated to my writing or reading mojo. So yes, I barely manage to have coffee with my GFs these days (I'll make it up to you, girls!), and the only date that me and the Sweets (who's also my biz partner) can afford to squeeze in are movie nights! Aside from that lovable dragon, Toothless, of How to Train Your Dragon, the most remarkable film that etched my mind recently is Denzel Washington's Book of Eli. Clap clap on the ending twist, but let's admit that the story got us from the start. I've seen apocalyptic movies left and right, but this appealed to my picky taste the best. Less boom, more meat.

And you know another reason why? Solara! or Mila Kunis in real life. She's my new official girl crush, after my Katy Perry phase. =)

She starred in That '70s Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and voices Meg Griffin in the hit comedy cartoon, Family Guy.

She reminds me of young Jolie, and a less tired Meester, don't you agree? And folks, she is in the GQ April 2010 spread, in case you're lusting for more gorgeous photos other than below.

I bet Culkin is always on guard. =P

Much Love,


  1. Super loved her as Jackie in That '70s Show! She and Ashton were so cute together but my heart belonged to Hyde. :) Let's go coffee soon, BFF! Mwah!

  2. she;s definitely beautiful and i didn't notice her on that first photo!

  3. i dont know much about hollywood celebrities but i think that girl is beautiful.

    ^ yeah! you should go with teeyah to have a coffee!

    have a nice day dang =)

  4. @ Teeyah: I'm dying to go out with you, and the girls, SOONISH! So tired these days, need to talk detox. =P

    @ Crickette: Yes, very royal beauty! =D

    @ Jing: Too bad can't go out with Teeyah & our GFs soon, but we email each other EVERYDAY! We're lovers like that, LOL! Have a great day too, Jing! =)

  5. she is definitely on my hottest girls list of all time! her and miranda kerr! And I loved How to train your dragon, such a cute movie!

  6. book of eli is awesome! -jp

  7. @ PC: Oh yes, Kerr is also a hottie!! I guess I have something for big-eyed girls. =)

    @ JP: Yup! When are we gonna watch together? I'm serious!

  8. u tell me u'r the busy one :P -jp

  9. @ JP: Haha, I know, been sooo busy! I'll tell you why when we meet! =P


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