My Super SPEX Birthday!

One thing Ireally like about the company I work for is that they value their people more than anything else. Be it on safety, personal development, career stability, and yep, even birthdays. It's safe to say we're pampered in so many ways, and sometimes, tiniest of the details count!

I just came back from the office Birthday Bash for April celebrants, and honestly, if the organizers weren't my friends, I would have skippped it for a leisure breaktime walk to the nearby mall.I'm too occupied with our business and so I passed on the partying this year, and I thought an office birthday bash would be nice. To my delight, it was actually fun, with some trivia baseball game, and get to know more with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), whom we barely see in the office. I mean, with the money the company is paying them, you won't expect them to have lots of free time in the office. LOL. And my, the food is but yum, thanks to Conti's. =)

Here are some happy snaps courtesy of my good friend, Mari. The food tastes as good as they look!

Birthday Wall

Pink Salmon Salad

Spring Rolls

Chicken Pastel

Garlic Cheese Prawns. This is the BEST!

With my fellow April celebrants, and the SLTs.

And remember my wish for a birthday cheesecake? The Big Man heard me loud and clear!

I'm wearing my new super affordable (but good!) lippie today, too bad it didn't show in the pictures, I just have to make a FOTD with it soon.
How was your lunch? anything special today? I hope so! =) Stay happy and positive, it radiates!
Super Full & with Much Love,


  1. happy bday Dang!!!!

    yum with the cheesecake!

  2. waaaa,kakagutom penge ng cheesecake hehe sarap dang gutom na ako..belated ulit

  3. How nice! I looove Conti's! :D

    You look great, btw! :)

  4. wow cheesecake :) happy birthday :)

  5. aww happy birthday! *hugs* and mm cheesecake! And hey birthday parties are usually fun even if they birthday ppl aren't really your friends, cuz everyone is happy and there's plenty of food! I love cake...

  6. happy bday sweetie! :)glad u had a fun day :) *hugs*

  7. belated happy bday uli!!! sarap naman handa woot!

  8. yummm!!! Happy Birthday Dhang! :)

  9. Belated happy birthday, dear.. :-)

  10. happy birthday dang!
    i wish you all the happiness and good blessings =)

    sarap naman ng handa mo lalo na yung cake mo nagutom tuloy ako =(

  11. Happy Birthday Dang ^_^. So sorry for commenting late. Been MIA for almost 2 weeks, tis just now that I'm trying to catch up with what's happening in the blogger world ^_^

    Those Garlic Cheese Prawns look really yummy, mind if I ask where you ordered it? hehe ^_^

  12. fooodd !! XDD i love spring rolls. you know what, my mummies going to make some next week for my sisters birthday ^__^ the food looks great. DELI XD xx


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