Note to Future

Good Friday wasn’t always like this. A decade and a half ago, I remember myself staring blankly at the static on the TV screen. Ours was an old Sony in a wooden box casing with a knob for channel surfing. I was also dismayed when my mom stated we can’t have our usual chocolate drink, or junk food of any sort, and even if we charm our way, we have no hope of finding an open sari-sari store, not until Easter Sunday. We were forbidden to play, or talk loud or laugh. Fast forward to today, I realized these were the more silent, more peaceful times of my life, and silence at this point, is a luxury for many hardworking people like us.

Then the world changes, for better or worse, I cannot tell. Fast food chains are open everywhere, convenient stores lit every block, and I’m quite sure I read it right that a nearby dance club is also open even on Good Friday, with a banner announcing “HAPPY LENTEN SEASON,” in bold, red letters. I was born and raised and educated the Catholic way, and while I’ve spent lent bored as a kid, I still wish to keep my practice and see my children and grandchildren respect it, too. I’m certainly not the most religious person you’ll know, but please, I can’t bear to see people getting wasted on a Good Friday SuperClub event. It’s just not right. They can do it all 360 days a year of their lives, and at least stay put for Holy Week!

P.S.: Cut that videoke crap! [I’m sorry, but I’m seriously pissed.]

I hope my burning organic lavender oil works its wonders and put me to sleep.

Much Love,



  1. Hay naku. True. That's why I just confined myself at home and worked. What is up with people nowadays, no?

  2. happy lenten season to you dang...
    advanced happy easter...

  3. @ Teeyah: Yup, dunno talaga. =(

    @ Jing: Belated Happy Easter! Sorry, I hate to be this nega. =/


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