Product Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black

Enough negativity said the past days, I'm starting midweek with a fun fun review instead. Today, I dared cross my makeup fear -- eyeliners! I'm always indifferent with eyeliners, because while it defines, and liven up my Asian creaseless eyes, IMO, it overpowers my already sharp peepers, causing me to either look older, too made-up or plain "suplada" (snobbish) if drawn too much, or the wrong way. (And my shakey hands always do it the wrong way!)

But thanks to several eyeliner reviews from fellow bloggers, I finally found the guts to use my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black, that has been sitting on my cabinet the past weeks. And because I'm an eyeliner virgin, I opted for the gel type, which accordingly, can be applied easier (I'm FATALLY clumsy with liquid eyeliners). So what's my take?

What Maybelline says:

"Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base. So color is more intense and lines resist wear for 24 hours." Smudge-proof and Water-proof. The most intense line for lasting drama.

Comes in four shades: Black, Brown, Grey and Plum

Photo from Maybelline Website*

- Dries quickly
- Rich buildable color -- from very thin, to really thick dramatic lines
- Makes me feel less of an idiot because I applied it fairly easy! Very neat.
- Affordable @ 495.00 for a pot that likely to last me a lifetime if not for the expiry date
- Comes with an Expert Eyeliner Brush
- Packaging: GLASS pot with screw-on lid, not plastic.
- Smudge-proof, water/tear-proof and long lasting
- Comes off easily with oil/oil based removers

- Considering its price, none, really! This one is a stunner! =)

Product in hand for size reference

Overall Verdict: 9/10. While I'm very much happy with this purchase, this is a lone review and not in comparison with other brands of gel eyeliners. But me likes this very much because of two main reasons 1) It's REALLY smudge-proof! I rubbed the swatch on my hand real hard (so hard that we likely won't rub our eyes that way!), and it didn't come off. I tried it with water too, and though some specs did come off after rubbing it, it entails a lot of effort to do so. I also checked it after a long long day, and yay, still intact! 2) EASY TO APPLY, even by a dummy like me. High five! The applicator included is not the best, but useful nonetheless. So for Php 495.00 (USD 11.00), you get not only the Gel Eyeliner, but also the Expert EyeLiner brush, no need to buy a separate brush (unless you want to, and be sure to get the really thin and stiff ones, okay?) A real value for money!
Swatch and some sample photos:

I was able to draw this on first try! (*grins*)

With nothing but the gel eyeliner and some stray brows. =)

And BTW, a thoughtful friend brought some treats from Boracay, the infamous CALAMANSI muffin from Real Coffee Cafe! If you want to hear more about this amazing little muffin that makes people in bikinis line up early in the morning, check them out the next time you visit Boracay at Station 1 behind Island FootSpa, or click HERE and HERE. Another reason why I feel better, and citrusy this minute! Thanks, seatmate! =)

Photo from

I hope this will be a start of eyeliner love affair for me, thank heavens for the gel type, and boy, that calamansi muffin sure tops my list the next time I visit Boracay.

I hope you picked up a useful thing or two. =) Let's bring midweek positivity til the end!

Much Love,


  1. Nice Review! Want to try this too :)

  2. Your review makes me want to try this na! :) Yay!

  3. I have enough eyeliners to last the whole Philippine Army (if they do wear one) lol But this one sounds like a great product! Thanks for the wonderful eye shot

    Love your layout!

  4. @ Charry: Thank you, pretty. I'm sure you'll love it too. =)

    @ Teeyah: Yup, worth it, brush included pa. =)

    @ Nikki: Haha, the whole army!!! Thanks, Nikki, glad you liked it. =)

  5. @ Aika: Yes, hun. Got it from PCX store, but most Maybelline counters in malls have it na. =)

  6. Hello, Dang! Thanks for visiting my site. I love the way you put on your eyeliner. I can never get it right. (I don't know how to put on makeup.Heehee.) Thanks for the good wishes on the Boracay trip. Off to read some of your blog posts!

  7. Great review! I wish the Eye Studio line came out here, I'm dying to try so many products!

  8. @ Miss Guimba: As I mentioned, thank heavens for gel eyeliners! =) Hope to see you around more. Cheers to a happy weekend!

    @ Marce: In fairness to Maybelline, they really make quality but affordable products, yeah? Nice to see a new pretty face on my page, I'm all over your posts now. Hugs!

  9. wow! Php495 for an eyeliner AND a brush?! That is a very good find indeed :) Thanks for the tip!


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