Sharpening my Tongue

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Why is it damn hard for some people to be kind? This morning, my mom argued with a neighbor, who finds fault against us in more ways than one -- I parked the car the wrong way, my brother (who is just in the country for a vacation for Christ's sake!) ran over their clothesline, accused us of filling up their garbage cans (can't they find a not so stupid ground?) etcetera.

She has been giving us these unwelcome remarks since day one, and while she is well known to be the village's villain, she recently found a new favorite. I've been keeping this personal mantra of seeing things from other people's views, and it helped me most of the time to stretch my patience and hone my humane, understanding capacities. But this neighbor is really getting into my nerves, and I've tried seeing things her way, in different angles, in black and white, upside down, but all I see is envy, false authority and delusion of grandeur.

To my very rude neighbor: It's not my problem why we have cars to park and you don't, or why my dogs are cuter than yours, or why you always hear giggles and happy talks from our home when you sit fat with your old wrinkly face. Don't you realize maybe, just maybe, it's because we work harder, we care for our pets more, and we are simply fun loving, positive beings who spend less time frowning than you do? What's with you?!

I'm a diplomatic, peace loving person, but don't cross the line, because you will definitely get a piece of my mind. My sharp tongue needs some practice, old B. And next time, deal not with my mom, but with ME!

I'm so sorry girls for ranting, I know we all hate negativity, I just needed to air it out without bursting my brains out. Especially that I just bounced back from a bout with foodpoisoning over the weekend. =(

Have you ever encountered a really difficult, joyless freak? I need all the help in dealing with one! Argh! Happy Tuesday still!

Much Love,



  1. awww, I am glad we don't have neighbors like that! such negativity!!! well, there are some neighbors though that even if I flash my ..(not my boobs) my biggest smile..they wouldn't smile back, but at least they don't argue with us! :) maybe you should start flashing your boobs? SORRY Focus Nikki! hahaha just making you smile my dear! *hugs*

  2. @ Nikki: HAHAHAHA. Oh dear, you didn't make me smile, you made me laugh! I look silly here. LOL. I don't have much to flash (sadly!), but I'm trying my best to be a good girl & smile, kaya dito nalang ako nagrrant kesa in real life. Thanks Nikki, you're really super! =D

  3. Some people are just b*tches like that! And the more others give in the more they are b*tches!! If it was me the next time she pms all over me I'd be like.. "obviouslly you're angry, shall we call a cop to settle this issue?" just to freak her out LOL


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