SNEAK PEEK: Why I'm Sleepless

Hi, beauties!

I've been sharing with you how crazy and busy my schedule has been the past months, although I wasn't ready to spill the beans on the details then. I have to admit that beyond my strong frame, I was too worried, and a scaredy cat on how this project would come out, that I kept my mouth zipped and my mind rolling 24/7.

But time to tell, so come and peek on what's making me skip meals, lose sleep, miss my friends, ignore my battered toes and embrace my computer to sleep.

My newest, and biggest (so far, I hope!) business venture - our very own grill & resto bar.

Thank you to my good friend Lyza, and BFF Tara for helping me out on the logo. Love you!

I'm partnering with two big boys in my life - my only brother, and my only BF! LOL ;-P

And if you're curious to know, I DIDN'T and WON'T quit my day job, so I work at nights and weekends, too. How dead is that? =)

But with Heaven's grace, I know this will prosper...two folds, three folds, ten folds!

We are down to some last details, and we'll be grilling the best Kebabs in the South, SOON!

In need of support and HUGS,


  1. wow sis dang CONGRATS!!!! eerrm advance congrats pala hehe,Bless you and your business,more luck luck luck,dont forget to give yourself some good ol rest and relaxation,Proud of you ^_^

  2. exciting! im a josephian btw, and im your cousins cecille's tropa way back in high school :) ive been following yours and tyra's blog :P congrats! where is this located?

  3. Hi Nix, thank you! Small world, no? It's located in BF Homes, so since you're Josephian & my cousin's friend, I'll be seeing you!! =p

    Thanks for following, too. Hugs!

  4. weeeee...i love kebabs! susugod ako jaaan! congrats dang!

  5. @ Camille: Shobe!!! I promised myself a grand vacay when everything is settled, but I doubt it would be anytime soon, LOL. Thank you so much sis, appreciate the well wishes! *Muah*

    @ Jheng: Weee! I love my kebab hot & spicy! How about you?? Ipromise mong susugod ka! Loveyah, Jheng! =D

  6. oohh wow congrats on the business venture! let us know where its located, we lobe kebabs and grilled food! haha I especially love grilled squid nom nom nom. will definately visit haha


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