Tagaytay Food Trip

One of the perks of putting up a business, is that you travel to places in search for decors, suppliers, ideas, and what have you. And while doing so, I always make sure to squeeze in my favorite activity after sleeping, food tripping! I love to eat, and the BF does too, so there's no question why some 80 percent of our credit card bills are from restaurants, fast food and supermarket. LOL. The other weekend, we went to Tagaytay to order some plants and ornaments for our soon-to-open resto bar (YAY for nervous me!), and because we're tired, and stressed all week, we treated ourselves to a feast!

*Apologies for lack of better photos, I forgot my digicam, so I just settled with my old phone's camera.

This is not a fancy resto, but said to have the best bulalo in town!

Tagaytay is famous for its Bulalo, a perfect match for their cold weather.
Php 350.00 good for 3 pax

Giant Daing na Bangus
Php 195.00 good for 3 pax

Crispy Tawilis (you can eat EVERYTHING!)
Php 130.00

After a hefty lunch, we did our errands faithfully, and then got some snacks and coffee from the famous Bag of Beans. They offer main courses and wide array of desserts, which are all good! The place is cozy, the ambiance is relaxing, and the garden magically took me away from the hustle bustle of the city. It's a nice place to just sit (with some comfy cavanas), and just take in some fresh air and yummy sweets.

115 Aguinaldo Highway,
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City
+63 46 413 4356
+63 46 413 2724

Fish & Chips
Php 230.00

Frozen Choco and Choco Banana
Php 120.00 each

Kids from Children's Joy Foundation entertained us with dancing, singing and playing different sorts of instruments including violin! (How hard is that??) They are so talented and very charming, I'm thinking of getting them for a family wedding.

Full and Fatter Me

I'm a true blue South girl, and Tagaytay is just a good hour away, so if I need some quick getaway to escape the metro heat or even just to get a caffeine fix, I sure know my way back.
Have a happy LOOOOONNNGGG weekend, girls! Don't forget to treat yourselves to something nice, you deserve it!!
Love Lots!


  1. Oh next time you go on a trip take me with you. I am craving for that bulalo right now! yum!

  2. gutom ako!!! love the food post!!!!

  3. yummm love bulalo from tagaytay! haha =)

  4. oh my, I want a choco banana! now na! =)

  5. i think tagaytay, batangas, and some near provinces in the south, have the best bulalo ever!

  6. I always love food post sigh ^_^ Everything looks so yummy in this post. I like bulalo & that crispy tawilis. I heard very nice things about Bag 'O Beans. ^_^

    Have a happy weekend. ^_^

  7. Woah so much food! ^__^ Looks very yummy~

    & your "Don't forget to treat yourselves to something nice, you deserve it" statement is so true! I think that a lot of people forget that it's okay to treat themeslves to special things once in awhile :)

  8. hihi.. tagaytay place/and ambiance is great =)

    love the foods.. *craving*

    hugs and kisses


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