What's Haunting Me Right Now...

is Art School. Yes, colors, brushes, canvas, oils, gesso, mess, wonderful.

I've been meaning to get back to this long lost craft, that it literally pops out in my dreams, in many conversations, while I pee, while I do my makeup (for obvious reasons =)). But with my work, and my business, and my family, and my friends, and all my life loving, I just couldn't squeeze it in! I'm stretching myself to the thinnest possible way, and I'm desperately hoping to get started -- if not school, at least some practice time. The only thing I have achieved so far is shopping, because that I can do pretty awesome, for my art supplies (one box full!), if you can even call it a start.

My dad is a frustrated painter (only because Fine Arts didn't appeal much to his dad), and just like my mom always tells me, she hates me for being so "dad." A few hours is all I need, so please bless me.

Anything wonderful haunting you lately? Spill! It just means you're delicately complicated! Cheers to life loving!

In case you're also into painting, hop on HERE and HERE, or visit some workshops being given by Fernando Sena HERE. =)

Much Love,


  1. if it's what makes you happy, then go go go! i know a lot of painters and other people in the visual arts industry :)

  2. I used do paint when I was younger but not anymore. Now I spend $$$ buying other people's paintings and putting it in my house LOL. If you love art then you should go with what you love doing!


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