Crying Over Akita

Red eyes and swollen lids, that's what greeted me this morning. But I'm not problematic (not that much), I'm just a cry baby when it comes to animals - dogs, cats, horse, anything but rodents. Last night, Sweets and I tested the 32" JVC LCD TV we bought for our restobar ( I badly want one for my room!!! =[), and since it's a workday, I wanted something light, a feel good movie that is HACHI: A Dog's Tale.

But alas, I was sobbing like a kid half the time, and another 30 minutes after watching. Touching won't even fit the bill. If you're a dog lover like me, lucky us! If you're not, Hachi can still change your mind.

I won't spoil your mood, just grab that DVD and tell your seatmate you might soak his/her shirt. =P

And my, it's a true story. Curious me has researched about this wonder dog years before this movie.

Happy Wednesday Watching!

Much Love,

2009 remake movie stars Richard Gere

The REAL Hachi. Now if I can only afford an Akita.

And of course, the Hachis of my life!

1 year old Lab Retriever
Sweets is in charge of taking care of him. With his Size & ADHD, there's no way I can handle him alone! =)

1.5 years old mixed breed Tzu


  1. I haven't watched this movie yet but i plan to..
    you have to watch the movie 'the tale of mari & her 3 pups'

    made me cry like a baby

    i love my dog to death too & watching movies like this definitely makes my pet-owner heart softer.

  2. aww cute! Akitas are great and they're soo good looking. One of my favs.

  3. I cried like crazy when i watched that movie. *SOB*

  4. Doggy is soo cutee! haha. i love dogs that just plonk themselves on the ground XDD


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