Last 5 Days to join my GIVEAWAY!

5 more days before my Silver Birthday Giveaway ends! I will be giving out 3 packages come May 25, so join now by clicking HERE.

Have a happy weekend, tonight is Videoke Night with my cousins! I hope you have a good one, too!
Much Much Love,


  1. Enjoy your videoke night sis! I'll join your giveaway contest, its not yet too late right? Goodluck to me! ☺

  2. great giveaway!! And I agree with you about Megan Fox, Jennifer's Body was horrible, and that's coming from my friend who LOVES Megan. haha hope you have a great long weekend!

  3. @ Coline: Hey tweenie, got your entry, and of course it's never too late, especially for you. =D Thanks for the kind words, I'm feeling the same towards you. I hope we can meet one day! =)

    @ PC: I had a great weekend, I'm sure you did too! Keep the celeb posts coming! =D

  4. whose the winner na po of your promo?


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