Product Review: Afforda-LIPS by Paintbox

The much awaited weekend is here, and a long one at that! PLEASE exercise your right to vote on Monday, okay? We have NO RIGHT to rant about our country and our poor government if we ditch our right to vote in the first place.

Moving on, the title is a huge clue. Today, I'm reviewing some affordable lippies that can actually wow you for its price and quality. I'm talking about the not-so-new Bench Paintbox Lipsticks. You see, I stopped buying any makeup product from Bench after HS, since my taste became a bit more interested with brands that really specialize in cosmetics. But one afternoon, after wandering for a good hour in PCX, I checked neighboring Bench shop, and like a perfect movie setting, their yummy hand sanitizers are displayed just beside the makeup counter, and so I swatched and purchased two staple colors anyway: JUICY RED and PINK POSH.

If there's something that appealed to me more than the price tag, it's definitely the neat packaging. I failed to take a picture of the box, but it's shiny silver and pink with a nice font, and I hope you agree with me that the tube is very elegant and looks expensive, eh?

Bench Paintbox Lipstick - Super lovely packaging!
Php 198.00 or about USD 4.50

Pink Posh and Juicy Red

On lips:

Juicy Red (with flash)

Pink Posh (with flash)

Sorry for not posting non-flash photos, I don't have enough good lighting in my bedroom at night.

- Elegant packaging
- Very affordable
- Lots of colors to choose from (I believe I saw about 10)
- Doesn't have a waxy smell
- With SPF 15
- Nice color payoff
- Lasting power is good enough (I apply in the morning, lunch and before going home)
- Creamy

- The tube is pretty to look at, but not very comfortable to hold because of its sharp edges, but I like it still =)
- Smells like CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate, but not on my lipstick
- A little drying when worn alone

Overall Verdict: 8.5/10 I got more than what I expected. For Php198.00, this is definitely a good buy. IMO, staying power is better than NYX, and though it tends to dry my lips a bit, a swipe of balm before applying this lipstick solves the problem. The SPF is quite low, but still better than none. If you want creamy, shiny lips without the glitters (I personally hate it), then go ahead and buy one. Just be careful because this tends to plump lips, so gloss is not really necessary. =)
NOTE: Pink Posh and Juicy Red are both loud and attention grabbers, which is cool and fine with me. Hot pink is really in these days with the reign of cult favorites NARS Schiap and MAC Pink Nouveau! (Though they are a lot pricier) Pair it with neutral or muted eyes and expect people to stare at your juicy puckers all the time =D It's summer anyway, so it won't hurt to have fun and loosen up a bit! But if you're still not into it, then try other Paintbox colors at the nearest Bench shop in your place. Me suggests the ORCHID POP! =)

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With all these said and done, I'm kissing you goodbye for now because I'm meeting freaky Freddie Krueger tonight!
**Hugs Hugs**

Much Much Love,


  1. Lovely colors! But they are really drying on my lips(even by wearing them on top of a lip balm). :(

  2. I am a sucker for pinks and red and now I soooooooo want this lol ..its so bad lol I hardly by makeup anymore too much of it!!!lol

  3. pretty! I love it! doesn't look inexpensive at all on your lips!! Happy weekend dear

  4. ooh pink posh is nice, but that's weird that the lip stick smells like chocolate? it doesn't look at all like chocolate haha

  5. What luscious lips you have~!

  6. Juicy Red looks really juicy! :P Too bad they're drying.

  7. I like the luscious pink lips! And the price is a good deal!

  8. OHH MY this is a beautiful colour. [pink posh ] FankQ for the review!! I can't w8 to get it!! XD xx


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