Bangkok: To Go or Not To Go?

I'm booked to fly to Bangkok with the BF and my cousins in two weeks, and though I'm usually too prepared when traveling [hotel, maps, spots, cash, clothes, shoes, book, camera and a whole luggage more], work and business took the better of me lately. I rarely planned anything, and with the alarming clash between the Thai government and the "Red Shirt" the past months, I actually contemplated on postponing the trip.

I'm still not sure if it's really safe to travel to BKK now, my friend who works there swore that it's okay to go, especially that rebooking the trip will cost me more than my original ticket price [which is unfair & awful, btw!]. I still have two weeks, and I better keep my eyes and ears glued on recent developments. I pray that they sort things out, not only because I'm dying to get the farthest I could away from work, but also because Thailand, or any other country in that matter, doesn't deserve to go to war waste. =[

So do you think I should go? Appreciate your inside info, travelgeeks! =)

And just to tease myself even more:

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  1. My friend went to Thailand during the protest too and he came back unscathed and had lots of fun...however, I also opted not to visit Thailand too when I was in Asia due to the protest...just keep clear of dangerous areas and I think you'll still have a blast! Have a fun and safe trip hun :)

  2. My boyfriend and I will be in Bangkok in two weeks, too! June 16-22 to be exact.

    He will be attending a music festival, and the organizers advised that there is no reason to cancel and that the media is portraying the situation there to be worse than it actually is. Also, our hotel said that it's safe for travel, especially in their area. Oh, and in yesterday's paper, there's news that the PM says things are back to normal.

    So... GO! :D

    PS. Like you, I haven't planned anything yet for this trip, and I'm usually OC when I travel. Hopefully this week I'll be able to finalize our itinerary na.

  3. I guess it's safe to go now. Things seem to have subsided na. :-)

    Have fun!

  4. that's a hard choice, but then again you cannot put a price on safety. i heard things are okay there now. i hope it continues that way :P

  5. Hello dear! I think you should go but since you have a friend there, you can ask her which places are safe and are not. Anyway, you still have 2 weeks, who knows the situation might get better then. Hugs to you!♥ Just keep us posted if you'll push through hihihi ☺

  6. @ Tammy: I actually have a friend who also went there during the protest, and he said it's okay and that their hotel advises them which places to avoid. I guess I just have to stick to that rule. =)

    @ Dea: We will be there June 16-20, I hope to bump with you if you're not too busy! =P Good thing you have credible info from the organizers, I feel so much safer now. Maybe I can plan the trip na. =) Thank you!

    @ L: Yey! I'm so worried I might get stranded, just like when they closed the airport last year I think? I hope things will get even better in 2 weeks time. Missed you, L! =)

    @ Crystal: I agree, no price on safety, especially that I'm with my BF and my cousins. I don't want our folks to worry too much! =)

    @ Coline: Thanks, tweenie! Don't worry, I'll be careful. You're so sweet, I'll keep in touch! =)

  7. I've been there and if you love clothes! you'll go crazy shopping plus the sites area really really nice! But the thing is, is it safe ba to travel there nowadays/ Wait a couple of months pa! :) Pero definitely include this in your travel list!

  8. You must go, I'm pretty sure a huge part of Thailand is safe. Anyway, your friend should know better right? ;) So go go go!

    Have fun sis!

  9. my best friend had a trip scheduled during the protest. cambodia-vietnam-bangkok ws the itinerary. they had to change it to singapore...

    i think whatever the majority decides will be okay, basta don't go alone (hehehe). i would ask my mom --- cus she is the voice of reason (so maybe u should). hahaha! (oooops! i meant, ur mom!)

  10. Aww, I missed your giveaway. Anyhow, I don't really know what to say. Haven't been out of the country kasi. But I hope you enjoy Thailand and I pray for a safe trip, if you decided to push through with your trip.

    By the way, just browsed at your old posts. I want to congratulate you on your new business. Yay!

    Lots of love,

  11. Hi Dang, I'd love to meet up! :D I'm free on the 17th and the 19th, what's your itinerary on those days?

  12. well for me I would go, I'm not really afraid of the saftey of things when I travel as long as you stay in a touristy area etc. then again I went to florida during harcaine season cuz it was cheap... lol! hey it is easier to watch your own saftey by watching where you go/follow common sense than make additional money for something you don't have to spend on right?!

  13. If you do go, I wish you the safest and most enjoyable trip in Bangkok! :) Lots of shopping there -try to drop by Lumpini Art Market :) a lot of nice dresses

  14. its probably just a small protest similar to what we usually have in makati or edsa. haha. im sure its gonna be ok.

    but, when in doubt, think twice. =)

  15. @ Nikki: Naku Nikki, too late chocolate for me, I'm booked na, but things seems better so I guess it's a shopping spree for me next week! Yay! =D

    @ Nikki San: Yup, I keep in touch with him, just to be sure. =) Thank you sis, I will!

    @ Crickette: Definitely not alone =) But I won't dare ask my mom, she freaks out with anything so her answer would definitely be for me to stay in my room & watch DVD. LOLs. =P

    @ Golden: Aww, I hope you join next time. =) And thanks for the prayer for my safety, you're very sweet. =)

    @ PC: I knew you're one tough chic! If I had it my way, I'll go anytime, but I have company so I have to consult them too, but looks like we're going! Yey! =)

    @ Jing: That's what they keep on telling me! "Don't worry, it's not far from what we have in Pinas." But I'll take care anyway. =) Thanks, Jing!

  16. @ Dea: I don't have itinerary yet, but I can free up 17th or 19th for you! I'll message you. *Hugs*

    @ Janey: Thank you for the tip, I wear dress most of the time to help me with Manila heat so I'll definitely check it out. =)


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