Beyond Hurtful.

In the massive oil exploration industry, there's nothing more scary and hurtful that this. It affects me double, because I happen to work on the same business everyday. The magnitude is infinite, it's like sticking a straw in a giant pool...of oil. And my, nature takes 30 years to recover from a minor spill, and this is far far from minor.

And we thought Exxon Valdez is the worst. =(

Rig Explosion

NASA photo


  1. awwwww i hate when disaster everywhere :(

  2. sad no? nakakadepress on what's happening across the globe!

  3. @ Ipehishere: Yes, especially if the damages can still be felt decades after! =(

    @ Tammy: I'm sure there are hundreds of them *sniffs*

    @ Nikki: True, super depressing to watch news lately =(


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