DIY: Veggie Centerpiece

Something new is almost always a good thing. It's actually one of my trusted formulas in living a happier life. And when I say new, it doesn't always mean monstrous, life changing, or moving heaven and earth dramatic. It could be as simple as getting a new kind of cereal for breakfast, choosing Pepsi over Coke, wearing bold red lipstick than your safe bet of pink, cooking for your mom instead of her always cooking for you, or it could be as raw as substituting veggies for flowers! Yes, I mean it. It's fresh, new, and your centerpiece can land on your salad plate afterwards. Zero waste.

Veggie Centerpiece of our Buffet Table during the Philippine Independence Day celebration

It's fun, and you may use any veggie or fruit of choice; professional flower artists actually use fruits as accents to their creations, and the possibilities are endless. So maybe next time you host a dinner, wow your guest with this little trick. =)
Happy Tuesday, loves! It's President elect Noynoy Aquino's proclamation tomorrow, be on guard, stay tuned and safe, and most of all, enjoy the holiday! I'll definitely miss GMA for that. *wink*
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. I've never heard or seen anything like this before. How original! :D
    & Definitely a converstaion piece :)

  2. ang cute hahaha I doubt I'll be using this if ever we have this! I'll probably just grab a corn or eggplant pamukpok sa makulit na bisita !hehehe :D


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