Going the Extra Mile

...to have good old talk
...to take a break from all the pressure
...to just laugh about anything trivial
...to understand her every eye roll and makeface
...to enjoy a good meal or coffee
...to share that new lipgloss
...to make her laugh...and to laugh back
...to simply breathe
...to feel your best

Really, we go the extra mile.

Me & my BFF Tara in Makati
(I travel from the jungles of LP-Alabang on a weekday to see her)
Me & my BFF Tara in ZYNC Kebab & Grill, BF ParaƱaque
(and she travels back to see me)
Girlfriends are just the best, eh?
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. Hi Caby! Parang kayo din ni Maui! LOL. Hope to see you in Zync one of these days. =)

  2. nice!!!i lost mt bff na,di na kami nakakapag usap kasi may kanya kanyang busyness na

  3. Awwww. So sweet!

    BFFs are just the best! :)

  4. Aaaaw, that's sweet. Medyo nainggit ako, my best friend has been in the US since 2001 and she came home once pa lang since then. But she'll be here next month, so that's something I'm excited about. :D

    BFFs are the best!

  5. yes, girl friends are the best!!! :D

  6. Langya ka now ko lang to nakita!!! Na-teary eyed naman ako :( Thanks for the friendship, BFF! Mwah, love you and hope to see you soon. Mwah!


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