OOTD: H&M Floral Printed Skirt

I don't have a sister, but that's okay, because I grew up with half a dozen female counsins my age. Our childhood days were well spent, with lots of toys like Lego, Polly Pocket, Barbie, paper dolls, "lutu-lutuan", "doctor-doctor" and the more creative, sweat inducing games like "patintero", "taguan", "shake-shake shampoo", "langit lupa" and a whole bunch more. Not to mention the kid wars, and the classic hair pulling bout among girls!

It's sad that kids nowadays rarely go out to socialize and play, not to mention that the world now is much less safer for them to do so. All my nephews and nieces do is watch TV, play video games and harvest in Facebook. Now that's alarming.

Anyways, the reason for sharing this is because my cousin, Marie, who happened to be my favorite hair-pulling enemy, came home recently for a month-long vacation. And look what she brought home for me!

A lovely high-waist floral skirt from H&M! =)

Top: Get Laud
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Gift from Sweetie
It's so big & fluffy, it made me feel like a playful princess that I almost dance tip-toed when walking! And for this alone, Marie can pull my hair, and I won't even fight back! =)
Your NeuroChiq,


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