ZYNC Photos & a Much Needed Vacay

I'm still recovering from all the exhaustion I've been through the past weeks in preparation of our grill & resto, ZYNC. I slept all day yesterday, and only bothered to get up after a call from my cousins that it's SeaSide "paluto" night. I'll be sharing that (and how downing a kilo of buttered tiger prawn left me dizzy all night) in a separate post though.

I have barely 15 minutes before I leave my office, go to ZYNC, shop for some toiletries and get as much sleep as I can because I will be needing it for my much awaited Bangkok vacation that starts tomorrow. This is not my usual way of traveling, it's my first time to go out of town with no maps, no plans and no itineraries whatsoever. I'll just go with the flow, and what my cousins have in mind. It's freaking me out, but come to think of it, makes me much more excited not be the lead this time. (and because my cousins are just the coolest, craziest bunch!) Besides, spontaneity is always a good thing!

PS: I will be meeting the lovely, and super talented fellow blogger,
Dea in BKK. Another thing I'm thrilled about. =)

And before I go, let me share some happy happy photos from the soft opening of Zync last June 4. Cheers!

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. Wow, nice photos. I miss hanging out with my friends :(

  2. congratulations and i wish all the best for ZYNC !

    looks like a really nice place to hang out with friends =)

  3. You look like you're having a blast~ Have a great time on your vacation hun^^

  4. Gawsh I'm so jealous! I miss Bangkok!!!
    Hope you have fun! <3

  5. @ Charry: Thank you, Cha! Take a break, and hang out with your GFs soon, you deserve it! =)

    @ Jing: Thanks, hun! Zync is open for you & your gang anytime! =) I hope to meet you there one day. =)

    @ Tammy: Stressed but fulfilled =) And yes, I had tons of fun from my BKK vacay. *Hugs*

    @ Kay: I just got back, but my mind is still in BKK. LOLs. Thank you, Kay. Have a great week!

  6. hi,

    i'm in a mood for bloghopping and got to know about your page through "Ask Me Whats"...

    i'll include your page in my blogroll and don't hesitate to check on my blog.

    more power on your business venture!


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