DIY: No more flying shoes

"I don't have 3,000 shoes, I only have 1,600." - Imeldiffic Marcos

I love my shoes, they're my next favorite thing after brow liners. And so caring for them comes naturally like a mother nursing her offspring. My feet size is whopping 8.5, and the next worse thing after having scarily huge feet, is that it's so hard to find shoes with half sizes. I either get 8 or 9, and in case 8 or 9 still doesn't fit (8 is too small and 9 is too big), insole pads come handy!

Here's a super simple DIY, so you won't shame yourself picking up your "flying shoe" on the runway (erm, mall, school, office). Have fun!

Shoes: Black Patent wedge from 5th Avenue, ATC
Size: 9

What you need:
Insole pad from Daiso (Php 88.00)
Pair of scissors
2 minutes of your time

Cut, cut, cut according to your shoes' shape



-You may cut the tip of the insole pad to hide it if you're placing it inside peep toes

-Get rubber and/or washable insolde pad for hygienic purposes

-Beaded insole pads are available for added feet comfort

I hope you're all having a nice Sunday! I'm spending mine alone with white light meat tuna and red mug coffee. Don't we all love balikbayab box goodies? =)

Kisses to everyone!

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. oohh!
    yeah, those insoles are really handy. i don't really wear heeled-shoes that much but when i do, i make it a point to put those gel pads on the soles & also on the ball of my feet.

    im heavy kasi e & those gels help keep my feet comfy

  2. aw it sucks when they don't have shoes your size huh ><
    great idea though! :)
    What do you do with smaller size shoes? was just curious :p

  3. @ Thia: Yes, they really add comfort, no? I find so much stuff in Daiso. =D Have a goodnight, dear!

    @ Kay: Hi Kay, this is a secret, but with smaller shoes, I go by the "pain is vain." mantra! LOL!

  4. Dang, can you recommend a good eyebrow pencil? I don't own one but I need it, my eyebrows are all over the place!

  5. Tweenie!!! I missed you so much! I've been a lil busy... =)

    thanks for the tip, however, my shoe size is 9 so, no need for insole pads. I just wish that there's a way on how to make our shoe size smaller hahaha ;)


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