Product Review: Human Heart Nature Shampoo & Conditioner

I got acquainted to Human Heart Nature products in one of the bazaars I joined last year, and I have to admit that I was not very interested with it because:

1. I really find the packaging tacky
2. I didn't like the idea of organic products being sold like "Avon" or "Natasha", if you can call that direct selling. I just feel like organic products have its own special niche in the market, and selling it through "agents" seem too commercialized

A fellow organic user/seller told me to give it a try because they have some really nice products at very affordable prices. And so I bought a couple of products from her; a hair mask, a styling cream, a shampoo (Aloe Vera Peppermint) and a conditioner (Mango Mandarin). First thing that I noticed with Human Heart Nature shampoo is that it lathers easily (I'm so used with Ilog Maria's Honey Shampoo which has almost zero bubbles, and All Organics' Gugo shampoo which lathers better but still not enough), and their Mango Mandarin conditioner really smelled DIVINE! But after I finished my first few bottles, I didn't see much difference in my hair condition, and so I moved on to find other organic shampoos I can try.

Until recently, my BFF told me that she tried the Human Heart Nature Shampoo in Aloe Vera, Egg White and Guava, and that it dramatically lessened her hairfall. I didn't have the same problem presently, since my hairfall is seasonal (usually during cold December month), but I thought I should give it a second shot. So here's what I have to say:

"Breathe new life back into your parched, sun-damaged or chemically-treated hair with our enriching and deeply moisturizing hair elixir! Choose from tropical GUAVA scent for normal finish or citrus MANDARIN scent and EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL for silky, smooth hair." (Lifted from Human Heart Nature Website)
  • Lathers really well
  • Makes my hair softer than most organic shampoos I've tried
  • Smells like candy, it's good enough to eat!
  • Doubles as bodywash
  • Affordable @ 64.75 for 100ml bottle
  • Pro-poor
  • Pro-Pinoy


  • Gave me serious flakes! Dandruff! Eeek!

"Help protect your hair with the powerful embrace of Gugo Bark and Calamansi before it's gone! This potent combination of natural extracts helps fortify hair to dramatically reduce breakage and loss. At the same time, a splash of organic virgin coconut oil leaves your locks shiny, soft and looking healthy. Beauty and strength in a yummy Peppermint scent!" (Lifter from Human Heart Nature Website)


  • Smells wonderful
  • Feels cool and refreshing
  • Affordable @ 79.75 for 100 ml tube
  • Pro-poor
  • Pro-Pinoy


  • Didn't soften my hair like most traditional conditioners

I'm guessing it's the egg white content of the shampoo which caused the dandruff, so the shampoo is definitely not for me. I have sensitive, oily scalp, and merely 2 days of using the shampoo and I can already feel my scalp flaking. So I stopped and went back to my traditional drugstore brand for now. Saving grace is that it doubles as a bodywash (though I'm not a fan of 2-in-1 when it comes to hair care), so maybe I can just use it to clean my makeup brushes.

The conditioner is not so bad, and though it didn't soften my hair that much, I kinda expected that with organic conditioners. But again, I'm sure there are better ones out there.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Not the Hair Care line, but I'm happy with their facial products so I'm still supporting the brand. (product review soon!)

I've heard so much good reviews on how this shampoo and conditioner lessened hairfall and other hair problems, but too bad it didn't work out for me. But because it's affordable and it's Pro-Pinoy, it's still worth a try!

I'll be happy to listen to your personal experiences on the products I featured. =)

The NeuroChiq,



  1. Ahihi. :) Pwede din ihalo sa leche flan! Ay egg yolk pala dun. LOL.

    In fairness, I tried din the conditioner {same scent} and my only pro for it is malamig sya. All the others, so so lang. :)

    Great review, BFF!

  2. @ Teeyah: Haha, sayang nga super inlove panaman ako with the scent of the Egg Shampoo. Owell, maglecheflan na nga lang tayo =P

    Mas like ko si Mango Mandarin Conditioner, but still not super great. So so lang nga. =)



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