I Think I Miss You

Photo taken during my Singapore trip, January 2010. A few days after I cut my bangs.

Dear Bangs & Curls,

I never thought I would say this, but I think I miss you. I used to hate mom for always making my naturally straight hair permed with all sorts of curls - telephone curls, tiny curls, big curls, frizzy, tangled curls (hehe) - but never without my signature thick bangs. I hated and liked it at the same time that I was always different, how my preschool classmates would look at my hair before my face, and how I run for my life whenever it's combing time. I usually went to school with my hair up on the side, because mom didn't like the usual ponytail. It was always a piece of silly conversation.

I'm yet to scan an old photo to show how mom styled my hair throughout the years, landing me with all sorts of lead roles in school plays, musicals and whatnots. I can't forget how I played an "igorota" one time, with afro curls that contradicts my pale white skin. Mom was non-conventional even then. There was a chapter where my hair was straight and long and my bangs were - well - curly. It was hilarious!

Fast forward to today, despite my love and devotion to my long, wavy, heavily-dyed hair, I got sick and tired one day, and sported bangs, just in time for my Singapore trip early this year. The BF was surprised, but amused, and commented that if not for my natural curves, he would think I'm one of them - them Singapore girls, whom mostly have curly hair and bangs, pale skin, and stick thin bodies dressed in the nicest clothes.

If only I have more time in my hand to blow dry my bangs, or set my hair with traditional rollers (I don't like permanent curls, and I'm an idiot with curling irons), then I'll be more than glad to reunite.

I miss the little girl in me.

All Grown Up,


  1. Awww :) I think I saw one of those igorota photos but I'd love to see them here on your blog, BFF! Minsan pa-perm ka, kahit dulo lang para when you get tired of it, pwede ipagupit :)

  2. @ Teeyah: Eeek! Nakita mo pala the igorota photo, LOL! Wala nako tinago sayo, sabagay I saw naman your grad pic na lagpas ang lipstick! I want to perm nga yung dulo, pero siguro pag til waist na, para kahit gupitin ko when I get tired, mahaba padin. =)

  3. Anober, we're not BFFs for nothing! :) Cute kaya! Post mo na cute naman eh :)

  4. The straight bangs are so cute on you!

  5. @ Teeyah: Correct, as if we don't know all our embarassing moments. =P

    @ Tammy: Thank you, I miss it but I don't know if I can endure the blowdrying every morning! =P

  6. I have bangs too from ...nursery to college! Kaya nga my friends won't forget me with bangs kasi that was my "signature" look hahaha you look so cute with bangs Dangsky! Bangs=Dang's (it rhymes) :D


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