Korea Knows How

If I live in Korea, I would have jumped in a building this morning. I should be thankful I'm born a Filipina, because my genes are more likely to survive a cruel world. Stress is not something new to me, in fact, it's been with me for a whole lifetime, that I actually learned to puppet it the positive way. But today is different, with me and the lover just keeping ourselves from killing each other with Jeet Kune Do moves, and still longing to kiss him secretly, while a damn creature pester my house and my corporate butt kicked. Life.

On Monday, I will grace another corrupt official's kingdom, and do some ass kissing. Or maybe, I'll be all crazy and just shut down the place, leave my poor boys jobless, and just forget about my XXX investment.

Or better yet, I could go to Korea and just commit suicide by snacking on pills, it's more glam that way, lah?

On bad days, this could be me talking.


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  2. I have read so many suicidal stories from Korean Actors and Actresses! I guess that's one good thing about the Filipinos..we've gone through soooo much in life that problems that are huge to other culture are easy and tiny for us! :) Go PINOYS!

  3. Chill, sis :) And hugs! See you Saturday!

  4. @ Nikki: Yes, read so much about Korea suicides, and most of them are rich & famous! Grabe. While Pinoys, super hirap na, smile padin. =D

    @ Teeyah: Thanks, BFF. See you Sat! =)


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