Now I Know Why She Cries

We were sick worried parents when our second baby, Bonggo, suddenly got sick. He just stopped eating – and mind you, like all other labs, he has a really HUGE appetite - and threw up a good four times that we decided to leave Zync earlier, and attended to him. His gums were pale, and since there were no vet clinics available at 1 in the morning, we brought him to an overly expensive 24-hour pet hospital where he was given injections and such. He had to stay overnight for observations, and with him not around the house felt like ghost town. He’s back on his feet now, and even more active (and sometimes destructive) than ever that I decided to stop giving him vitamins for a while before he breaks another antique display in the BF’s house. ADHD.

Now I know why my mother used to cry when I and my brother were sick. I never fully understood until now.

The NeuroChiq,


  1. Hala, good thing he's well na. Nakakatuwa naman, pati aso natin halos magkapareho, the yellow Lab I share with Abet is named Djanggo, he's our baby.

    I understand what you mean, the dogs bring out the maternal side of us. Kanina my brother's dog Cello was attacked by two dogs earlier, sugat-sugat siya, my heart is breaking right now.

  2. awww
    im glad that he is feeling good now,hun!

    i remember when our choco lab got sick..we were so worried sick ourselves. Charlie had to be confined in the hospital too for 2 days. Mum was so worried that she said we ought to bring him home as soon as we can because she can't sleep at all. She sort of hear Charlie crying even from afar.

    Pets are already like our children,ne?

    Hope that Bonggo is now really feeling up & about!

  3. I know what you mean! I want to give her a "HUGE HUG" awwww..I'm glad you had her checked!!! I do go crazy when my dogs get sick too! We are moms!

  4. @ Dea: Awww, sorry to hear about Cello! Ang sad naman =( I hope he recovers kaagad. =( And yes, we have too many things in common, super small, wonderful world! Yellow Lab reminds me of Marley! =P

    @ Thia: That's true, when he was away, feeling ko I can hear him bark! He's good now, super likot na ulit. Thanks, Thia! and best of health din to Charlie! =D

    @ AMW: Yes, moms we are! Practice ground ba to? =P haha.


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