Oh Man, They are Real!

This website is entertaining me much recently. Just this morning, I found out that Drew Barrymore's character Lucy, in one of my favorite films (which also happened to be the me and Sweetie's first date, damn, that long ago?) 50 First Dates, is actually a real person! And with the perfect, super loving husband, too! I honestly thought no such man walk the planet. Sue me.

Every day, Michelle Philpots wakes up next to a man who has to convince her they are married. When she expresses doubt, he takes out a photo album and shows her pictures of their wedding 13 years ago. Only then does amnesiac Mrs Philpots accept she is talking to her husband, Ian, and that everything he has told her is true. The 47-year-old's condition was caused by brain injuries sustained in two road accidents. She can recall everything up to 1994 but since then everything that happens on one day is forgotten the next. Her case echoes 50 First Dates, the 2004 movie in which Adam Sandler tries to woo Drew Barrymore, who has no day-to-day memory following a car crash. LINK

I watched this movie more than 5 times, and it never fails to make make me roll with laughter and shiver with "KILIG!!!"
And yes, the stranded European played by Tom Hanks in the movie Terminal, is a real dude, too. But less cuter. Peace!

“The Terminal” is a moving tale, where Tom Hanks plays the victim of the modern world. That a man could spend months stuck in diplomatic limbo living in an airport may seem far-fetched, but in fact, the movie is inspired by a real-life character who lived at terminal one of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. The living urban legend is Mehran Nasseri, known as “Sir Alfred” to those who work at the airport. Stranded without papers, Nasseri was a stateless refugee from Iran, unwanted by any nation. Having claimed to have one British parent, he decided to settle in the UK in 1986, but en route to there in 1988, his briefcase containing his papers was stolen in Paris. Despite this setback, he boarded the plane for London but was promptly returned to France when he failed to present a passport to British immigration. He was initially arrested by the French, but then released as his entry to the airport was legal and he had no country of origin to be returned to. A red plastic bench beside a luggage store was his home for no less than 18 years. Director Steven Spielberg may have moved the airport to New York for his movie and made Hank's character East European, but there's no doubt who the movie is based on. Nasseri's life at the airport ended in July 2006 when he was hospitalized and his sitting place dismantled. LINK

For the rest of the list, click HERE. It's a cool read!
Happy Thursday, darlings! The week is almost over, so show me some smile and love alright? =)

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  1. Really? But we watched 50 First Dates with Paula in college! :)

    Cool website, btw.

  2. Haha, I didn't tell him that before we watched it. Shhh! =P

  3. What the....I didn't know the Terminal was based on this man's story! How crazy is it to live at an airport for 18 years?? That's so sad :(

  4. Ahahahaha! Let us pray he won't see this blogpost then! :) Miss you already, BFF!

  5. cool link dang... i did know that the terminal was based on a true story but not 50 first dates... love it!

  6. No way! I can't believe they're real.

    The husband must really love Mrs. Philpots that much. She's lucky to find a man like him. :)

    Er, The Terminal made me cry. Haha! :P

  7. @ Tammy: I can't believe it as well! How can a man be country-less? Sigh =/

    @ Teeyah: I think inamin ko din afterwards. I'm not too sure. Hihi. Miss you too! A lot!

    @ Crickette: O diba, super kilig lalu to know that there's a man as sweet & patient as Adam's character? Love is insane! =)

    @ Pammy: Where can we find someone line Mr. Philpots??? Haha. Great day, dear! =)


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