OOTD: Remembering By

I'm sentimental with my things. In fact, I keep my clothes forever, because at one point in the future, I know they'll be a great match with something. It's also a great way to remember milestones in your life. Have you ever find yourself smiling when you see a piece of your wardrobe and a crazy thought or memory comes rushing in? Like that idiot first boyfriend, or the nervous first kiss, or how about the time your mom caught you sneaking back to your room at 3am after getting drunk with Gin Pomelo? (If you're my age, you woudl know that! Haha!)

I get that a lot! It's fun right? But really, it's just another excuse for us to fill up our closets. Girls can never have enough.

Leopard Print Dress - Some bargain bazaar, I forgot where. An absolute favorite!
Gray Cardigan - BF Ruins
White & Gold Slim Belt - YRYS
Suede Pointed Flats - So Fab!
Watch - VNC (KL) aka Vincci
Pearl Bracelet - Bangkok

Friday has been treating me well, and I can't be happier. I hope the best for you, too!

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. awww you look soooo pretty! the outfit is sooooo YOU Dangskie!!!! And girl, you're right there are old outfit inside my closet that reminded me of my travel...my date...etc.. :D We are all sentimental by nature! *hugs hugs* Happy Friday!!!!! *kilig mode*

  2. I love this version of the outfit. It makes you so girly! :)

  3. dang i want a dress like that!!!haha,it looks soo good and girly on you,preppy mwuah

  4. The dress is lovely and looks really good on you. And the shoes are pretty. :P

  5. Hey dang. wow, you are such a fashionista! I love love love your outfit. Yes, I tend to stock up on my outfits too, it's so hard to part with them because some of them are so memorable, they have a story to tell and places that they have been to with me. =)


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