Rediscovering Photoshop

Back in the days, I remember sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours, skipping meals and losing precious sleeping time. I was never a fan of anything virtual, until I discovered the bliss of retouching photos, doing my own logos, brochures and posters, and my, I can even sculpt my waist and make my face as smooth as a baby’s butt cheeks. Adobe Photoshop. I can, but I usually don’t. I’m not a celebrity, and my photos won’t come out on glossy covers, so the last thing I want is to transform me to, erm, not me. Just like good makeup, Photoshop should improve your flaws and enhance your assets, but not leave you plastic and mannequin looking. I heard Brad Pitt requires that his photos be published untouched while Jennifer Aniston once recalled a magazine title US wide because “SHE WAS NOT” the one in the cover.

I was recently invited to join a one-day Photoshop workshop, and since there are a lot of new features and improvements from my college Jurassic days (man, I lived during the Adobe Photoshop 7 era!), so who am I to say no?

Easy on the laughter folks. I’m no Pro. =)

Mag spread - DIOR style


Workshop Photos

I hope the week is treating you right, good night everyone!I'm not yet hitting the sack, I still have a date with CS3! =)

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. oooh... i will say clap clap because i have no talent in photoshop. i don't understand it there are so many buttons to push!

    i love the one you worked on especially the ones of katy perry!

  2. Weeee! Proud of ya, BFF! :) Go, go, go! I have CS4 though I don't see much difference between that and CS3. And have you heard, they have CS5 na? Sheeessshhh!

  3. photoshop is great, I just got CS3 and love it!

  4. oohhh Photoshop is just great, I want to learn Lightroom naman!!! Eeeekk so many stuffs to learn! Enjoy learning dearest!

  5. @ Crickette: Thank you! I'm a Comms major so I have no choice but learn (by myself!) during my college days, but once you start, it's addicting na. =)

    @ Crystal: Thank you, dear. =)

    @ Teeyah: Yes, ako nga I don't see much difference between all CS (major difference lang when they changed from 7 to CS). And yes, heard about CS5, feeling ko, it's just marketing to make us buy again and again! =P Thanks, though I don't have much time to practice nowadays. =(

    @ PC: Yes, super nice especially when used the right way. =)

    @ Nikki: True, so many things to learn, so little time! Sana human needs 2 hours of sleep lang. Haha. =)

  6. That's so nice that you know how to photoshop.. :) I wanna learn it too but when I see those many tools, I just have to stay away. Haha!

  7. Nice post! Had so much fun at the workshop. I was so excited to try out the stuff I learned right away :D


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