FOTD: What 10 Hours of Sleep Can Do

-CoverGirl Concealer
-Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder in Nude Beige
-ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink
-Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown
-Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara in Black
-Bench Paintbox Lipstick in Pink Posh
-Avon Lipstick in Pampering Pink (top)

I've been surviving with an average of 5 hours/day of sleep, and my body is coping really well, or so I think until I get 10.

This is how my skin/face looked like after I decided to spoil myself last night when I ditched working on our business, headed straight home from the office, made some Tuna Sandwich, munched some Cadbury Flakes (they're heaven!) and forced myself to drink 4 glasses of water before going to bed at unbelievable hour of 9PM.

So yes, I still have my post acne marks (just finished the dreaded time of the month), and my face is still an oil mine, but I noticed a brighter, fairer glow this morning. I'm not very sure if this is really because of the sleep magic, because I've also been diligent in a face care routine since June, (post is next!), but whatever is working right, I'm not questioning.

I'm trying not to question any good things that come my way, and rather just claim it, own it and simply be grateful.

Any glowing news from you, dearies? Talk to me! =)

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. You look glowing indeed. :)

    No facial or whatever other procedures can beat having enough sleep. :)

  2. ah... I definitely need more sleep then!!! :P
    can't wait to see your routine :)

  3. you look glowing! I love this shot gorgeous girl! No matter how stressed you are , you still look great! Saw you twice na di ba? hhehehe :D

  4. Awww I know what it's like being in the process of opening up a business too and it wreaks total havoc on your complexion and lifestyle simply because you don't get enough SLEEP! Hope you are faring well babe!!

  5. You look wonderful! I went to bed at 9PM one night last week--so my family knew I was sick, because I am usually a night owl. =)

  6. @ Pammy: Thanks, hun. I guess sleep is still the best reconstructive surgeon. =)

    @ Kay: Are you kidding me? You have super NICE skin!! I swear! I'll share my routine next. It's unbelievably simple. =)

    @ AMW: Aww Nikki, you made my day! People around me actually thinks I'm better stressed, kasi I rarely breakout anymore. I guess my body is used to it na. =)

    @ Tammy: Thanks, babe. You're so sweet. I'm glad to know someone who went through the same experience, gives me more hope! =D

    @ RicAdeMus: That's also my cue, when I go to bed before 12 midnight, then there's something wrong! =D Hope you're feeling great now!

  7. you know what? sleeping is always the best for the skin! when i was on house arrest and was having long ass sleeps, i noticed my skin got better too!


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