Boy Wonder! (Family LOL - Part 1)

The reason why I'm generally a happy person, aside from the fact that I consume high doses of happy drug called chocolate, is because I naturally have it in my genes. If we know each other in person, and if we are already over our snob, prim and proper phase, you'll know that I'm the most comic story teller you'll meet. I talk a mile a minute, say the silliest things, laugh without hesitations, throw spontaneuos and winning punchlines and can mimic you in your signature pose that I can put you to shame. Believe me.

So until you meet me in person, and prove that I'm not lying, let me just give you a preview of what crazy runs in my genes.

While my auntie gives her 3-year old grandson (my nephew) a bath

[Auntie washing the little boy's "tuytuy" (genitals) ]

[Little boy was shocked and started shouting hysterically]

Little boy: "Lola, wag mo sirain yan!"
(Grandma, don't destroy it!)


Same little boy seeing his balikbayan auntie for the first time, points to the big mole on her forehead and said

Little boy: "Tita, san mo nabili yan? sa SM?"
(Auntie, where did you buy that? In SM Mall?)

[The auntie started laughing when the little boy added]

Little boy: "Si lola bumili din niyan, nilagay nya sa baba."
(Grandma bought that too, she placed it on her chin)

I can't stop laughing, this boy is a genius.


  1. Dang, you're definitely someone I would love to meet and chat with in person if that's how funny and a comic storyteller you are. :P I will schedule a trip to your bar one of these days. Even though it's on the opposite of where I live at. Haha. :P

  2. that's funny! ahaha ako naman Dangsky, I have the positive energy from the family because everyone's serious! You wouldn't imagine how serious most of them are!!!

  3. Kids say the cutest things :)

    And I can vouch for what you said, I know you were one of the most fun people in PLM back then :)

  4. @ Pammy: Thank you, Pammy. Would love to meet you too! We'll tell crazy stories and laugh together til our cheeks hurt. =D

    @ AMW: At least you're there to be their "sunshine"! =D I can't imagine having serious relatives, I've never had one, as in. I remember going to the ancestral house everytime I'm sad, and 5 minutes inside were all I needed to get over my heartaches! =)

    @ Krissy: Thank you, Krissy. Sayang, we didn't get the chance to chat more during our college days. =P

  5. hahaha kanina I was just smiling, after reading this post, laughtrip! The kid is good! ;)

  6. LOL! kids say the funniest things sometimes!


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