A Moment of Mourning

My scheduled "Today I'm Thankful for" post must be put on hold to take a moment of silence, to mourn and pray for the many unfortunate events that transpired in my land these past few weeks.

I pray for the 42 victims who perished after a packed passenger bus plunged into a 35-50 meter ravine in Benguet last August 18. [LINK]

I pray for the 2009 Binibining Pilipinas International, Melody Gersbach, together with her designer, and makeup artist, who all died on the spot, after a 10-ton bus ran over their SUV, ripping off most of the vehicle to total wreck. Their driver, , is still in critical condition. This yet another bus tragedy happened last August 21. [LINK]

Photo from www.abscbnnews.com

And I'm still in shock and grieving with what the world witnessed last night, as a disgraced policeman terminated from service early this year, seized a tourist bus with 25 people aboard, mostly Hong Kong Chinese, in an 11-hour hostage incident. 8 people died, including a child. My heart and prayers go to the victims, eternal repose for those who perished, and recovery and healing for the survivors and their families, and most importantly, our wounded nation. [LINK]

Photo from www.inquirer.net

I was supposed to go out on a date with a girlfriend last night, but I couldn't muster the energy to even finish my dinner. With the heavy downpour, the heavens seem to weep with us. =[

Please pray with me.

Your NeuroChiq,


  1. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

  2. sis, grabe, I was in tears :( I feel sooooo bad for the families and relatives of those victims, I can totally feel how the victims were feeling inside the bus!!! :( :( :(


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