Seriously Healthy Lunch [Sophia's]

If there's one thing I super love and super hate about my job, that is I have the best lunch buddies in the world. I love it that I look forward to a great conversation every noon, and I hate it because that usually entails extra weight on the scale and can burn some holes on my pocket. Yay!

But who am I to resist?\
Sophia's Mediterranean Deli
West Gate, Filinvest City

Didn't take much photos of the place, it's simple, elegant. no fuss.

Calamari Php 175 or USD 3.80
Tender, juicy, but super "bitin!"

Green Greek Salad Php 375 or USD 8.50

Tiropita Php 299 or USD 6.70
The favorite! Spinach & Feta Cheese = LOVE

The least favorite among the group. Sweet potatos and peas.
Samosa Php about Php 200 or USD 4.50

Actually tastes like sweet empanada, so nothing very special.

Perfect endings.
Pistachio Gelato Php 90.00 or USD 2.00
Enjoyed everything other than the Samosa, which is not actually bad but simply ddin't appeal to my taste. To my surprise, I liked the Green Greek salad, considering that I'm not big on vinaigrette. The leaves are very fresh, but it's really the feta cheese which made the cut. We agreed to have a healthy lunch for once, and we did! Except that I cheated on the Coke, and the Gelato photo crucified me much.
How's your lunch? =)
Your NeuroChiq,


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Spinach & Feta Cheese !!!! Super craving!!!

  2. The tiropita looks yummy! :P

  3. Wow! I would have been thrilled with the Calamari and the Pistachio Gelato. Yum! I love pistachio anything. =)

    I had sushi today.

  4. the food looks delicious! Makes me hungry haha

  5. Looks delicious! Calamari is always nice to have! :P
    How is the pistachio gelato?

  6. Try Cyma & Cafe Med next - if you haven't already. Nice Greek food too :) Both are in ATC on the same corridor.

  7. @ AMW: Yes! I really want to make it at home, and in Zync! =P Super sarap! =)

    @ Pammy: We actually ordered anothers serving, it's that good. =)

    @ RicAdeMus: Wow, sushi sounds good too! =)

    @ Phuong: It was superb. Nice to see you here, I checked your page and my, you're such a fashionista! I'm hooked! Followed you. =)

    @ Kay: The gelato was good, except that it has cherry flavor, which I'm not very fond of. =P

    @ Rhea: I've tried Cyma, and they have good food nga. Ang mahal maglunch with SPEX! =P


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